Hello world!

My blog is slowly coming together, please be patient with me. 🙂

I created this blog hoping to appeal to healthy, fit, fabulous women much like myself. I am a gluten free, newly vegan girl constantly searching for amazing treats that taste great, satisfy my sweet tooth, but don’t cancel out my workout from earlier in the day. When I am not eating or sweating through a spin class, I am probably searching for products that promise to make my lashes longer and my naturally curly hair less frizzy.

I love food, fitness, beauty, and fashion and I could not imagine narrowing down my content to include only one of those topics. However, I present to you a promise that although my content will vary with each post, my underlying focus will always be on a healthy and happy lifestyle.

As I begin to chronicle my daily adventures, you will find healthy recipes, fitness tips, beauty products I can’t live without, (It’s possible I have a slight addiction to nail polish), what i’m wearing (or would like to be), and the occasional long-winded, slightly off track ramble. I hope you come to enjoy my quirky sense of humor.

This adventure promises to be one filled with tasty desserts, sore muscles, new mascara wands, more gel than any 1 girl
will ever use, and a closet filled with shoes, won’t you join me?


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