Curls unleashed.

As I sit here, sipping a glass of red wine and watching Vampire Diaries (Stop the judgement, a girl can have a guilty pleasure or 2 can’t she?) it occurred to me that I forgot to eat dinner. Whoops.

I probably would have noticed sooner, but after my workout I decided I was bored with my hair and needed to change up my look. So instead of my typical ‘wash and go’ where I wash it, and let it air dry or diffuse it slightly. I chose a crazy time consuming method requiring me to wash my hair, partially blow dry it, and then twist it.  Twisting out mostly dry hair gives me incredible length and volume and I love that ‘lion mane’ look so it’s worth the time and effort. BUT now it’s nearly bedtime and I haven’t eaten dinner. Wine and mango sorbet are going to have to suffice tonight. (I know. Darn.)

Several days ago, I realized that I have way too many hair products lining my bathroom sink and should probably clean up a little. Okay, that’s not entirely true…several days ago I opened up the cupboard door and 7 different bottles fell out at my feet. A few of them I hadn’t even tried yet. So I placed myself under a strict “no buy” rule until I’ve tried out a few of them. My plan is to fall in love and find my ‘holy grail’ product. I will always try new things, because that’s just how I am, but it would be nice to know the precise product combination to yield perfect results every time.  However, even if my hair was absolutely perfect, I would still try other creams, gels, oils, etc to see if I could make it just a little better. Before you roll your eyes, I never claimed to be able to explain my behaviour…

Tonight I decided to to try out a curl cream and oil. *Fingers crossed it’s a match made in hair heaven*

DSC01748 DSC01747

I can’t wait until my hair is long and I can wear it a ton of different styles. The length of my hair limits me at the moment, but I give myself another 2 years to have hair like Jess (aka MahonganyCurls on youtube). I would probably let my hair do it’s own thing tho…which is another way of saying, i’d probably be lazy and let it be a hot mess.

My hair feels really soft. I think I have to go to bed now so that morning can come quicker. WAIT! it’s not Christmas eve what am I saying?!?! What I meant to say, is that I can’t wait to see my results. I would never purposefully wish for 5am to be here quicker.


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