Make EVERYDAY memorable…

It’s 12-12-12 I hope I win the lottery….oh darn, I didn’t buy a ticket.

I Just finished a news article about the number of couples rushing out to get married today since it’s 12-12-12. Some even went so far as to get married at 12:12 pm to make it EXTRA SPECIAL. I clearly had the wrong idea when I got married–too bad I have to wait another 88 years to have another go at it. I’ll have to eat extra clean, workout just a little harder, and try not to drive my husband crazy and maybe…just maybe, he’ll renew our vows with me on January 1, 2101. *Cross your fingers*

I get that the number 12 signifies completion or fulfilment  but how about you complete an extra intense workout and feel fulfilled. I wonder how many girls had to turn down being a maid of honor because they were tying the knot themselves? Okay, i’m done poking fun at the superstitious. (Especially if someone I know wins the lottery).

Moving on to my hair.

On Monday night, I tried a new mix of products and ended up with pretty decent results. The back and sides of my hair were quite defined but the front was sort of doing it’s own thing. I think tonight I will try the same method, but this time add some gel in the mix for added oomph.


It’s unfortunate that my hair never seems as big in photos as it is in person, why is that? By the end of the day it was actually huge (just the way I like it). Stayed very soft all day. Last night I decided to re-twist my hair AND bantu knot it. It was supposed to turn out amazingly with loose flowing waves. This morning I got up, like a kid on Christmas morning expecting to be pleasantly surprised–took my knots and twists out and “OH MY GOD!!! It’s TERRIBLE”

Yep. It was a disaster. It was bent out of shape, all of the hairs were twisted in odd directions. Some of the hair was straight. It was horrendous  Luckily my hair is long enough to style, so I french braided the sides and pinned it up in the back. I received quite a lot of compliments on it today, so I suppose not all bad. :S

In other news, I plan to do a 10 day green smoothie Challenge. I have been researching it for the past few weeks and I think now is the time to do it. Check out Somer’s blog and try her Green Smoothie Challenge for a week. I am doing my own spin on the challenge. Something that works for my schedule and limitations (hypoglycaemia/anaemia). It will be for 10 days but I have faith in my ability to succeed. I contemplated waiting til January 1st, but that’s just so typical. I’m sure you’re asking yourself why on earth someone would choose to do a green smoothie challenge days before Christmas, but part of this challenge is about testing my limitations, and this will DEFINITELY be a test. It’s not a weight loss strategy, I am quite happy with my current size–besides, if it was for weight loss, I know myself, I’d be cheating tomorrow night with a tub of coconut milk ice cream. But doing this to challenge myself and perhaps end the year with a little extra mental clarity is just the motivation I need to see it through.

This year, instead of making hilarious (but well intentioned) resolutions in 20 days I’d like to be at my best and simply work to improve myself rather than completely change myself, my behaviour, likes, dislikes, etc. simply because it’s the first day of 2013. In my opinion, part of the reason new year’s resolutions don’t work is because individuals choose parts of themselves they don’t like and attempt to eradicate that part–or try to completely change their behaviour relying solely on a new year to be their motivation. It’s not that simple. True change, can only come when fuelled by a deep desire for improvement, a passion for change. You can promise to give up all preservatives and exercise more, but if you don’t actually believe preservatives are bad for you, you won’t have a true desire to keep them out of your diet. And before you know it, you’re eating a bag of ketchup chips filled with msg and other non-pronounceables. And your gym membership will gather dust as you lose yet a little more muscle tone. However, if you make the promise to improve your health and feel better and TRULY desire those things giving up preservatives and a desire to exercise will come because they are PART of a healthy lifestyle.

I have had a rough few months health wise and I am ready to have my energy levels soaring again–green smoothie December it is!


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