Green Smoothie Day 5 & Glitter, so much Glitter!

Good day or bad day, there is something about freshly painted nails that really perks a girl up…well this girl at least. And I would like to say a special thanks to Essie for making the manicure even more spectacular.

DSC01997This polish is BRUTAL to remove, but somehow makes even the most drab paint job fabulous! And in the spirit of Christmas, I thought i’d go a little ‘candy cane’ themed.

Speaking of Christmas themed…I found myself dreaming of holiday snacks this afternoon. Christmas eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing day are my ‘cheat days’ and so I have to make sure I have something epically delicious to nibble on. I have a serious love for food and so I always look forward to planning out my special meals. Even when i’m having a bad day, there is something relaxing about looking up new recipes.

A few months ago I bought Erin McKenna’s cookbook Babycakes: Vegan, (Mostly) Gluten-Free, and (Mostly) Sugar-Free recipes from New York’s Most Talked about Bakery with the intention of baking my way through it. Surprisingly enough, i’ve been good and only made 2 recipes to date. I had the privilege of visiting the bakery last summer and for the record, her cookie sandwiches are to die for! My husband, who is not gluten free or vegan, could not get enough of them. I actually went crazy for the cinnamon sugar donuts, but that recipe is in her 2nd cookbook so maybe i’ll pick that up in the new year.

This evening flipping threw the book I came across a recipe for gingerbread…and although i’ve only ever liked my grandmother’s gingerbread (yes I’m biased) I decided to give it a try next Monday.


Seriously tho, how amazing does this look! I wonder if I can figure out how to make gingerbread buckwheat pancakes. *Licks lips*


I meant to start this post by talking about the smoothie challenge, but as you can see pretty glittery things and yummy desserts have a way of distracting me. I’m moderately back on track now, so let’s try this again.

1. One of my girlfriends and her mom were inspired by my green smoothie challenge and tried their first one yesterday. *YAY* They were surprised at how much they enjoyed it and how energized they were. SO they decided to join me for the rest of the challenge BUT being the intense crazies I know them to be, chose to give up all solid food and exist solely on smoothies. They asked me to join in, but in order for me to agree to something that intense I need to be mentally prepared. I offered a compromise tho in which I will *gulp* drink ridiculous quantities of smoothie only have the smoothie for the 4 days between December 27-30th. At first I was terrified…okay, truthfully i’m still nervous but I think the experience will be cleansing. I will also include a daily yoga session to feel even better. Wish us all luck.

2. I DESPERATELY NEED want a juicer. I’d love to be able to make my own juice. I have started researching several different brands and may just treat myself to a new kitchen gadget in the new year. One of the reasons I know I need to pick up a juicer is because i’d love to be able to include celery, cucumber, etc in my smoothies but i’m kind of super weird when it comes to texture and I find that I can “feel” those veggies in my smoothies? Not sure that even makes sense. I’m going to try it with cucumber again tomorrow, but I don’t expect great results. I am also going to get the Crazy Sexy Juices & Succulent Smoothies book. I hear it’s pretty awesome.



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