Green Smoothie Challenge Day 7 & And Treats!

Work BFF (let’s call her Melissa): Takes sip of my green smoothie. “This would be so much better with kiwi in it”
Me: “Yeah, I know, but last night I was too lazy to peel and slice them so I made them with peaches instead.”
Melissa: “Uh…Peel them? Why don’t you just scoop it out?”

….just kidding. Best Idea ever. Can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner. I did it tonight. Yay for yummy smoothies.


Okay so maybe not my BEST Smoothie, but still pretty darn amazing. 1 down, 1/2 of one to go…

I was expecting that giving up sugar (my kryptonite) would be the hardest part…and I must admit I had a moment of weakness and had a hot chocolate. Oopsies. BUT other than that i’ve been good. I feel so light and energized.

I don’t weigh myself, and haven’t been expecting or trying to lose weight, but I sort of wish I’d taken my measurements because my stomach has gotten flatter and I suspect i’ve lost an inch or 2. Next time I do this, I’ll take measurements and compare.


Today, like most days, I had a clumsy moment and dropped my smoothie bottle as I was trying to put the cap back on top. THIS is what happened…Luckily the bottle was empty and this was just what was hiding in the top.

DSC02025Why!?! It sort of reminds me of a certain scene in the exorcist where pea soup is going everywhere. *eeek*





As I was finishing up the day, my manager stopped by and dropped off some goodies. Everyone else was eating shortbreads, chocolates filled with baileys and whiskey, peppermint bark and I get these…Yay!



I know this is probably dumb, but does it bother anyone else when companies feel the need to advertise a product as being Wheat Free AND Gluten free or Vegan AND Dairy/Egg Free? A product can be wheat free without being gluten free but it can’t be gluten free and contain wheat. Same goes for Dairy/Eggs and vegan. So why not just say Gluten free and Vegan?

Advertisement is ridiculous. It’s sort of like how I sometimes buy things based on the wrapper because one is prettier than the other. There is an organic Market that I frequent and sometimes i’ll stand and look at their selection of vegan/gluten free protein bars and somehow always get sucked in by the one with the cute photo or the shiny pink paper. Even tho I know better. *Shakes head*

Next week I will let you know if these cookies are any good…



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