Green Smoothie Challenge Day 8 & The snowy apocalypse…

Well there weren’t zombies roaming the streets this morning, but that’s probably because they’ve all frozen to ‘2nd’ death in the blizzard. I felt like a kid this morning, and not because of my overwhelming desire to make snow angels–Nope. It was the fact that the snow was up to my knees.



For some reason this picture looks very serene, but it was actually blowing snow in my face when I took this photo. Why is that?

I don’t have a problem taking my camera out and snapping photos whenever I want a pic of something, but sometimes don’t think about how ridiculous I may look. For instance  this morning as I stood taking 100 different photos of the snow fall trying to get that perfect angle, I must have seemed out of place. So much so, that the girl next to me said “Your first winter in Canada”

Heh heh…awkwardly put down camera. Nope…, just need a photo for my blog.

It was still snowing pretty hard after work, so I decided to skip my spinning session to pick up the ingredients to make creamy mushroom soup. I am going to post the recipe in a day or 2. It is AMAZING! Technically I cheated by using 1 TBSP oil, 1 TBSP wine, and salt but it’s soooo good. I needed it after trudging through snow banks, slush, and giant pool sized puddles.

The smoothie challenge is nearing an end, but I have to say it’s been great. I’ve had a headache here or there but other than that I have felt amazing. I eat quite clean to begin with, but this really has me feeling refreshed. I don’t typically do cleanses, detoxes, etc. nor do I advocate liquid or ultra restricted diets, but this is something i’d recommend. But that’s also because there isn’t any starving involved. It is basically an extra clean, veggie overload system reset. I had some great salads which were filled with tons of veggies, beans/lentils, and nuts, and always lots of fresh vegetables to snack on. I wasn’t hungry once while doing this because I ate frequently and always had food ready to snack on.

The only thing I miss tonight is my ‘Friday night relaxation’ glass of Pinot noir. It will taste so much better with Christmas dinner!

For all of you who may be braving stormy weather this evening, drive carefully–be safe!







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