Green Smoothie Challenge Day 9 & A night of glitter…everywhere!

Today I decided to organize my bathroom. It began with a well thought out plan to move my nail polish from the drawer they’re currently sliding around in, to a shelf where i’d be able to display them (therefore remembering that I actually DO have 10+ purple shades and should probably stop buying more) and get to them easier. And then THIS happened…the incident was so gruesome I am still in shock. A girl is allowed to be dramatic in this sort of a situation…

DSC02103This happens to be Essie “Set in Stones” luxeffects polish. I didn’t buy it when it first came out and many months later when I decided I need it in my life it was sold out everywhere. I JUST got this polish from a friend on my birthday less than 2 months ago. WHY would this have to be the polish that bit the dust!?!?

Not to brag or anything, but I have dropped COUNTLESS several bottles of nail polish before and this has never happened.

While I wept and cleaned up polish, I realized it wasn’t all bad. As a matter of fact, the look of my bathroom floor has greatly improved–there are now tons of pretty reflective glitter pieces all over it.

I so very badly considered soothing my pain with a large glass of Pinot Noir, but other than a nice warm hug (which almost made it worth it), it only would have added to the dismay. A glass of wine would mean i’d feel not only distraught over the loss of a beautiful polish but also guilty for cheating and breaking the challenge 1 day before it’s over. And I didn’t make it this far to do that.

This morning I went to the market with hubby and picked up some beautiful greens. I cleaned, chopped, and packaged them up to make it more convenient for early morning blending.

Baby Spinach, Green and Black kale, and Collards! Yum!!
Baby Spinach, Green and Black kale, and Collards! Yum!!

How delicious does this look? Although tomorrow is the last day of the green smoothie challenge, I am going to continue having green  smoothies throughout the holidays.  Christmas and Boxing Day I am going to let my hair down and indulge (within reason of course), then it’s back to responsibility-ville with me!  Typically, I treat myself just a little every day between Christmas and New Years Eve. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a cookie or 1/2 cup coconut ice cream with peanut butter drizzle. It’s my way of not going crazy and using “it’s Christmas” as an excuse. (More about that tomorrow). However,  this year is going to be different–I promised to go green December 27-30. It’s only 4 days, but i’m nervous. I like solid food, i’m not 4 months old. However, I don’t tend to back down from a challenge either so it’s on.

Tomorrow is the final day of the Green Smoothie Challenge, so I will consider all parts of the past 10 days and discuss my feelings about this challenge–but it’s pretty obvious they’re mostly positive. I plan to also examine  the classic “Oh have another, it’s Christmas” logic/excuse that I have heard many times a day EVERYDAY for the past 2 weeks, as well as, share my non traditional Christmas meal plan! I know you can’t wait!

I plan to do back to back Spin classes tomorrow morning…I should probably get some sleep. Who knows, tomorrow’s blog post, might be about the day I finally throw up at the gym. Let’s hope not. Good Night!


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