Merry Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve!!

Day before Christmas, how I love thee…breakfast with my unit, a fabulous present from my manager, being sent home early. What’s not to love really? I was so busy this morning, I even had time to take a ‘selfie’.

My go to look as of late. Hair in a high puff (bad hair day be gone), mascara, and a bold vampy lip. :)
My go to look as of late. Hair in a high puff (bad hair day be gone), mascara, and a bold vampy lip. 🙂

After work, I  picked up a few last minute ingredients with hubby and came home ready to get the Christmas feast under way. I am not doing a ‘turkey’ dinner or anything even close to that traditional meal vegan or otherwise. I have been craving spicy comfort food–the type food that reminds me of making a mess helping my grandmother in the kitchen. I contemplated curry, but decided a rice casserole filled with hot peppers, jerk spice, and tons of veggies would do the trick.  I made a lasagna for hubby…yeah, yeah…I spoil him.  AND finished off the Christmas dinner preparation with rhubarb crisp. Tomorrow, all I have to do is pop everything into the oven et voila! None of this sweating over a hot stove all day only to burn the roast.

Instead, tomorrow I can now sleep in a little, get in a fabulous workout, spend a little time on my nails and hair (both of which I have neglected lately), and relax with my husband and really enjoy the day together. *sigh*


Umm…I sort of have a confession. It’s possible that I decided to bake the rhubarb crisp tonight, and that said rhubarb crisp smelled AMAZING after it came out of the oven, and it’s also possible that I then convinced myself it was my duty to taste it to ensure it was up to par for tomorrow’s dinner. I was right..It WAS!! Don’t worry, I shared with hubby. We both agree it tasted spectacular. The contrast of the cold vanilla bean coconut ice cream against the warm (okay it was hot, I couldn’t wait)  crisp was phenomenal.


Since i’m on the topic of confessions…I might as well get this off of my chest too. Sparkling wine + Orange juice = Not just a brunch drink! I typically have hot cocoa on Christmas Eve, but “It’s a wonderful life” seemed just as perfect as always even without hot cocoa with dandies (aka the best marshmallows ever)! So perhaps i’ll make this my new tradition.






On a more somber note, my family lives in Nova Scotia and unfortunately I will not be seeing them this Christmas. It didn’t work out this year, but we will spend many hours on the phone together i’m sure. Most likely discussing the hilarious presents my dad got for my younger sisters, as well as, how each of them had to undo their pants just so they could shovel in another helping of mashed potatoes. You know, typical Christmas behaviour. I miss my family terribly, and so to end my post, I’d just like to remind each of you that regardless of what you may find waiting under the tree tomorrow that you remember none of those gadgets, clothes, or jewels can ever compare to the time spent with your family–so cherish it. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!


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