Boxing Day…to shop or not to shop?

After going back and forth between staying home and relaxing or braving the crowds to boxing day shop, I gave in to my carnal desires and hit the mall to see what sorts of deals I could hunt down.

I dragged hubby with me –and I know what you’re all thinking it was to hold the bags, and I admit he did carry the bags. However, the reason I asked him to come wasn’t to be my personal bag holder, it was in case I found myself getting in to deep and swiping the plastic a few times too many. I ventured into Townshoes and Aldo, and had an arm full of shoes/boots within 2 minutes, but quickly realized even if I did find several pairs that I liked, the line was 30+ people long and I have a serious problem with waiting that long for platforms that I won’t wear because they’ll cut my feet. I also didn’t want to keep hubby waiting too long, so I shed a quick tear and moved on.

The rest of the shopping trip went well…very, very well. I adopted new Nike Free 3.0’s. How pretty are my new babies?

DSC02225Bought an adorable hat and infinity scarf from an adorable boutique called Milk. Basically saw the bow and was sold.


I may have made a frivolous purchase and picked this up, but can you blame me? Wouldn’t you want sequins on your nails? I’m sure these are going to be RIDICULOUS to remove, but that’s the price of beauty. I will try these out and report back soon!
DSC02220Overall, a successful day of shopping. 😀  What did everyone else do today? Are you a hit malls and brave the crowds or a stay at home and peruse the internet for deals kind of shopper?


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