Great Canadian Winter 1/Regena 0

Last night:
Energetic Regena:
You know what? I think i’m going to go to the gym in the morning. I know it’s late, I should have gone to bed hours ago, so i’ll probably be tired, but its vacation so I don’t have an excuse not to.
Pack up my gym bag. Set my alarm for 5:15. I’m Definitely going to the gym in the morning…
This Morning:
5:15 AM. !!Beep Beep Beep!!
Half Asleep Regena:
Ugh, I don’t feel like going to the gym, but I suppose I should… *Flip back douvet* Brrrrr…..It’s so warm under the covers tho, and so cold out there. Nope. Not happening, i’ll go to the gym later.

And this my friends is a constant battle Canadians face each morning. It’s -20 outside (or colder), everything is covered in snow and ice, the house is warm, and you find yourself envying the animals that grow a thicker coat of fur. (That last thought is a fleeting one tho, no woman in her right mind wants to have to wax legs covered in a special winter hair…OUCH!!). 95% of the time, the fitness fanatic in me jumps out of bed before my brain has time to say “DON’T DO IT”, but other mornings like today…I am content to reset my alarm, flip over, and snuggle with my furnace of a husband.

In my defence, in the 20 seconds it took me to decide getting out of bed was not going to happen, I remembered that the gym offers a noon spinning class and could just go to that class instead.  Since i’ve never gone (because I work) I didn’t realize there isn’t a class on Friday at 12. ooops. To make up for the lack of spinning yesterday and today (actually it’s been a few days) I am joining several of my girlfriends for a spin-a-thon tomorrow! Okay it’s not really a spin-a-thon but we’re doing 2 back to back classes tomorrow morning. (I’m supposed to do the same thing on Sunday, but I think that’s a little too adventurous for my poor hip flexors).

Since I was not able to go to spinning today I decided to do a 1000 Rep workout. Everyone is doing them these days so clearly that means I should too! This is what I did: 10 Reps 10 Rounds. I am ashamed to say that I only made it to 7 rounds. I’ll do better next time. It takes about 3:30 to complete a round maybe if i’d gone a little slower I would have been able to complete 3 more.

10 Burpees
10 Squats
10 Toe touch sit ups
10 Pushups
10 Jump squats
10 Reverse lunges
10 Plank Jacks
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Split jumps
10 Leg raise with reverse crunch

After the workout, I refuelled with a Green Smoothie.



I forgot to mention BUT my husband ordered me a juicer on Boxing Day SOOOOO I am going to be able to make my own orange juice very soon! I get giddy thinking up the different juice blends i’ll be able to make!! I have never been one for vegetable juice so it will take time to find my perfect balance, but i’m sure I can do it. I will make a post about my new toy as soon as I get it.

And finally…I tried out the Ciate Sequined manicure kit!

DSC02241I love the way it looks, but my love pretty much ends there. They’re messy (all over my bathroom counter), snag on everything, and chip off easily–but I was willing to overlook that because they reflect the light beautifully, have received a ton of compliments, and well…they look pretty. However, I could not overlook the giant scratch/cut/welts on my sides, legs, and arm from them. Getting dressed, changing clothes, etc they are sharp and unless I put on 5 coats of nail polish the edges are quite jagged. So let me be a cautionary tale, they do scratch. I also got a sequin in my eye this morning. It popped off while I was putting on eye cream and wedged itself in my eye. I was worried it would cut me and i’d go blind (obviously not panicked at all) but I got it out before it could do any noticeable damage.

So verdict at first glance–> They’re really pretty, but they’re a hassle to clean up AND are jagged enough to scratch you. I want to wear them for New Years Eve…but I think the length of time it takes me to remove them tomorrow will determine if I wear sequins on Monday or not. I will probably just do 1 accent nail. But then I have been known to do foolish things for beauty, so who knows…maybe i’ll do my toes too.


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