Eeek! My green juice looks like dish water!

I survived 2 spin classes this morning, and although I was too tired to do yoga this evening, I feel great. I love the amount of energy I get from green juice. I don’t think i’ll ever go back to life without them. They’re quickly turning into a daily thing for me. I am going to pick up a juicing book tomorrow since i’ll be adding that to the routine as well. I’m pretty darn excited!

DSC02247My ‘green juice’ is looking rather brown thanks to the addition of a few raspberries, but it tasted great. My husband wasn’t feeling well today, so I shared with him. I made it extra sweet with tons of mango and fresh orange juice so he wouldn’t be completely repulsed by it. I offered to make him something to make him feel better, and when I presented him with a tall glass of this stuff I could tell he had been hoping for soup or even a slice of toast. The colour is off putting I admit… reminiscent of dish water, but the taste is great, and the health benefits even better.

I thought he might complain about it, but he drank it all and even claimed to enjoy it. Hopefully (for his sake) he was being truthful because I am going to be making more of them for him *insert evil laugh here* whether he wants them or not.


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