Happy New Year!!

Quick! Grab a 2013 party hat, throw a handful of confetti, and blow one of those paper party horns! Whooo! Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great evening last night, and a relaxing (or eventful) day today! Whether you stayed in and watched movies or hit the town with friends, I hope you’re ready to tackle the year ahead and all it has to offer.

DSC02286I got home to a wonderful present waiting for me…my new baby!! And to celebrate the New year AND my new toy I am starting a new month long challenge! Each month during the year I am going to try something new so let’s get started!

January’s challenge:

1. Eating Raw for 4 weeks. (Going to buy Dr. Douglas Graham’s Book The 80/10/10 diet)

2. 10 day juicing Detox.

3. 30 days of yoga. (At least 30 minutes of yoga every day in addition to any other workouts).

4. 8 hours of sleep every night.

February’s challenge (at least in part) will be learning to do a full headstand. 
five-steps-headstandAs I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t really make ‘resolutions’ but I do love to challenge myself. This year is all about getting out of my comfort zone. Feel free to join me for any or all of the upcoming challenges!

I had a wonderful evening last night ringing in the New Year with friends. It was a great time to dress up, let my hair down, and use as much glitter as possible. I wish everyone the best in the New Year, but remember we make our own destiny–don’t sit around WAITING for 2013 to be great. Go out there and make it great!




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