What do you mean I like cherries?

*On the phone with my mother earlier tonight*

Mom: What else did you buy?
Me: To juice? Well I got beets, and cherries…
Mom: Oh, so you like cherries now?
Me: No, I still hate cherries but someone told me they taste amazing with beet juice and figured I would try something   new.
Mom: You realize you’re being ridiculous right? Cherries are delicious, I can’t believe you’ve fought it this long, just bite one?
Me: No thanks…they’re gross–but maybe the juice tastes okay?
Mom: Just bite one, right now…
Me: Ugh…okay fine…hold on, i’ll bite one.
30 seconds later…
Mom: You’re chewing so much, is it that bad?
Me: Confession time? I am on my 3rd cherry…these are soooo good!! How is this possible?


So as you can probably gather from my rather interesting conversation with my mom, I discovered tonight that I love cherries. This blows my mind for a multitude of reasons, but the main one is that almost any time someone asks me a food I dislike I say cherries or avocado. As far as I was concerned I didn’t  like raw cherries, candied cherries, cherry scented things, cherry flavoured things, nothing. How exactly did this happen? No idea…but, I should probably give avocado another chance too.

Now that I think about it, I disliked mushrooms, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and raspberries as a child but LOVE all of these things now so it only  makes sense that my taste has developed over the years. Being a foodie, I periodically try foods I grew up hating to see if maybe I like them now but have never done that with cherries. I was just so sure I hated them. Weird. Oh, and for the record…I still hate brussels sprouts prepared the way she did them, so that was definitely part of the problem then–Sorry mama.

I love trying new flavours, textures, dishes, etc. I love food. Not everything I try is a success…I have some pretty major issues with texture so I think maybe anytime i’ve ever had cherries they were soft and mushy and that turned me off OR maybe I was just insane. who knows really.

I love fruit, so it’s not like i’ve been suffering from a lack of variation, but now that I know I love cherries i’m going to be adding those to the list of treats. So thank you mom for making me try one tonight. Oh, and why was I going to put cherry juice with beet juice if I hate it? Well, like I said…I like to experiment so I was hoping the 2 together would be a success. (I’m not sure if I even like beet juice).

Well i’m off to bed. There is a 2 hour spinning session in my future tomorrow morning, and I need lots of sleep to be mentally and physically prepared for it. It’s been a few days since i’ve posted regarding January’s juicing, raw vegan, yoga challenge…I will be posting updates tomorrow so stay tuned. Have a great night and if you learned anything from today’s post–give something you don’t like a try, you might surprise yourself (or you might gag but it’s worth a shot).


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