Yoga and Juicing Challenge Update

Ever have one of those days where you plan to workout AFTER work–You wake up excited to workout, get to work and still want to workout, have your lunch and can’t wait to workout, sit through afternoon meetings and ALL you can think about is working out, then 4pm rolls around and the only thing on your mind is a plate of fruit while you watch Vampire diaries (Insert your own guilty pleasure tv show here) and relax.

You haven’t? Well you’re a better person than I. However, if you’re reading this as what I would consider to be a ‘normal’ human being, chances are you’ve felt like skipping a workout at least once or twice in your life to sleep/eat/shop, etc. Well that is exactly how I felt last Thursday. However, I had already messed up on the first day of the detox and I was NOT about to admit defeat in this challenge, so I sucked it up and headed to the gym. Truthfully? Even after I got to the gym I wanted to go home. I knew that I wanted to do a yoga class, so I pulled out a mat and left my jacket on it so i’d HAVE to go after spin class. Yep…nothing like a little self inflicted mind game to keep you motivated.

I did an hour spin class, followed by yoga–pretty much had to or risk losing a sweater. I nearly fell asleep in the final minutes of yoga, but I felt so energized and uplifted. I felt so good following my workout (even tho I was tired) that I went home, repacked my gym bag, and did the same thing again Friday morning at 6am! I think I just needed that 1 right choice to get me back on track. I consider January 3rd to be the start date of the challenge (since the 2nd was a total write off) and I have been killing it ever since!


I have been faithfully juicing. Tonight was a wonderful pineapple, celery, spinach, medley that went down so incredibly smooth. I am still keeping it rather simple with my juices but i’m slowly getting more adventurous.

I have completed a yoga session each day as well. I have gone to as many classes as possible, but whenever I have not been able to attend class I have done DVD’s at home.

If you’re looking to sweat and really challenge yourself check out the following DVD’s. I recently purchased the Vinyasa Yoga DVD and absolutely love Ichih’s energy. I also discovered that she teaches at a studio near my work, so I am going to sign up and try her class in person. It’s hot yoga, so i’m slightly terrified (hated it the only 2 times i’ve gone–several years ago), but this is a year for challenging myself–SO here’s to pulling up the big girl socks and doing it!

Vinyasa Yoga with Ichih Wang



Power Yoga: Mind, Body, Warrior. By Mark Laham.  (I also have his Yin Yoga DVD)

PoweryogaMarkLahamOne of the things about Mark Laham’s DVD that I absolutely love is that you are able to do the sun salutations on their own. I don’t always have time in the morning to complete an entire 60 minute session, but can often squeeze in the 20 minutes required for the sun salutation.

I realize it’s still relatively early in the challenge, but I am feeling confident in my ability to see this through.  Of course I want to finish the challenge and be able to say that I did not slip up once–hey! I’m competitive even if it is just with myself. No slip ups would be great, but the longer this challenge continues I am quickly realizing that is really not where my focus should be. I have embarked on this journey to cleanse my mind and body over the course of 30 days, and hopefully move into the TERRIFYING slightly intimidating world of Raw Veganism. It may only be a few days in, but I feel great. Each morning I wake feeling better than the day before will motivate me to push that much harder.

This week if you find yourself desperate to skip a workout, go anyway. After your workout take a few minutes to thank yourself for putting your mental and physical health at the forefront. If you attend a yoga class allow yourself to draw energy from others around you, and take deep breaths and calm your mind until you’re giving off the type of energy you’d like to be drawing in.



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