I’m an accidental magician…

I pulled a disappearing act–and I didn’t even mean too. Now that, takes skill. Okay fine, it takes work stress combined with laziness and writers block, but who’s keeping track? I’m back now and won’t disappear like that again –oh wait, that’s not quite true I am going to Jamaica in next Sunday for a week and probably won’t update the blog while i’m there. You can’t be angry at me for soaking in the sun, sipping daiquiris, and eating exotic fruit to my heart’s content can you? Hmm…okay well if you’re here in Ottawa (or anywhere it’s cold) that probably isn’t the best way to appeal to your softer side. Let’s try that again. I will be gone for a week, but i’ll make it up to you when I return and I plan to take tons of photos to share my trip and hopefully make the minus weather we’ve been having seem a little more bearable. Deal? Okay Deal! šŸ˜€

Okay a quick update as to where i’ve been and how things are going.

1. Work has been stressing me out just a little AND my gym membership expired so I haven’t been able to get all the frustration out in spinning. GAH! I have been meaning to incorporate more HIIT workouts, but have to admit, i’ve been in a slump the past few weeks. That all stops today tho.

2. I’ve been juicing and making green smoothies consistently *yay* I have also been eating raw quite a bit, but started to incorporation some ‘comfort’ quinoa salad into my day. Bad I know, but i’ve been stressed at work and it was either quinoa salad or cookies.

3. I’ve only missed 2 days of yoga so far this month. BUT i’ve done a few days of 2 yoga classes/DVD’s in a day so that’s sort of made up for it right? You’re right, it doesn’t.

4. I bought a 1 month unlimited pass to Pure Yoga Ottawa. It’s an amazing hot yoga studio and i’m hooked.

Pure yoga


5. I have actually been really bad the past 3 days with eating. Not just a little bad, i’m talking full out girl’s night candy/chips/cookies bad. *hangs head* I’m over it now tho.

6. And finally, I am going on vacation in just over a week and I am very excited. I really need a break. šŸ˜‰ That also means that my “learn how to do a headstand” challenge for February will start a few days late because I won’t be back until after the 1st.

I have been working on a few things for the blog, and hope to have them up before I leave. Although it’s 8pm on a Saturday evening, i’m off to bed–i’m getting up tomorrow morning at 6:30 to get in a wonderful power yoga class. šŸ™‚

One final thing, one of my girlfriends made a bet with her boyfriend that she can get abs before him. It’s a crazy idea, but I decided to join her. They both (so I guess that means me too) have until March 31st. I eat healthy, workout, and take pride in being in shape but I do not have visible abs (at least not without some MAD flexing). I’m pretty sure her boyfriend was pushing his stomach out to hide his abs, but we’re stubborn and this is going to happen. I’ve decided that if there isn’t a slight definition of abs by March 31st i’m going to shade them on with bronzer. Nothing a little makeup can’t fix. šŸ˜€

I hope everyone is having a wonderful January and I will check in again tomorrow! This time, with photos! šŸ˜€

Good night!


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