Let’s get together and feel alright…

The sun in my face, the wind in my hair…and what’s this? Sand in my bikini bottoms. Wait, that’s not quite the expression I was going for but it is the truth. Especially when one attempts a victoria secret inspired photo shoot on the beach. It’s decided…those girls earn their money. Posing in the blazing sun, with people staring at you, sand pinching your bum, and the waves slamming into you makes for a rather awkward photo. I channeled my inner Marissa Miller tho and managed to take a few where I don’t look like a crazed (and terribly awkward) baby giraffe just figuring out how to move my limbs for the first time…(more to come soon)



I’m back in Ottawa ladies and gentlemen and NOT particularly happy about it. The past 7 days were amazing and I am going to miss Jamaica–terribly. However, no Ottawa means no job, and no job means I can’t afford to stay at nice resorts so for now, I shall continue working my 9-5 (in a manner of speaking), and trudging through the snow to make yet another dollar.

Dramatic much? me? Never…

Accept my apologies for the whining, but seriously this past week was a wonderful, relaxing, and much needed break from the cold harsh reality of Canadian winters. On the plus side, i’m feeling recharged and ready to tackle life. I will be spending more time developing the blog, hitting the gym with a new found passion, and putting in MANY overtime hours at work. Okay slight lie there, I don’t feel particularly refueled at this exact moment, but that’s because I have managed to catch a cold. *boo*

Look for more posts this week, as i’ll fill you in more with details of my vacation–complete with photos, and tackle this month’s ‘resolution’ challenge. I’m also behind on the ‘abs’ challenge, but i’ll get there. I had some of the most incredible fruit on vacation…I think out of everything I will miss that the most (tho 29 degree weather, white sand beaches, free flowing rum, and constant Bob Marley make for a very close second).


I hope everyone had a great week, and I shall be back with more posts very soon!


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