15 oranges a day, keeps the doctor away…right?

Why hello world, it’s been a minute.


(The picture above is of my balcony in Jamaica. I spent a lot of time on the beach, but I also spent some quality time with an E-reader *sigh*)

My trip to Jamaica was much needed –I have been stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed at work but following my trip I felt relaxed and centered. That is, until I woke up with a pounding headache, a fever so high I could barely see straight, and body aches so bad I couldn’t be sure I wasn’t hit by a car. It really took a toll on my body, I’ve been in bed for a week.

Jamaica involved my fair share of rum and fries. Followed by last week where I just wanted my mom, and since she lives in a different province and I couldn’t have her, I settled for the next best thing–Comfort food ie. Carbohydrate overload. Tho I must say, I’ve been having my fair share of vitamin C. My husband ordered several crates of oranges and I have been eating them like crazy. So yummy…

Wah.Wah. The pity party ends here–I got a little off track, but who doesn’t get a little distracted with carby goodness from time to time?. I’m still a little shaky from the illness, but i’m feeling stronger and ready to get back on the ABS bandwagon. Speaking of abs, if you remember, I posted a few weeks ago about joining a friend of mine in a competition to get abs. It would appear that much can happen in a few short weeks. Since then, my girlfriend has made a fascinating discovery– she’s expecting. She’s now moved on to more important things, like attempting to keep her breakfast down –which i’ve heard has not been easy the past 2 weeks. Congrats on your pregnancy!!

February is headstand month…actually it’s black history month, but I don’t see why I can’t practice my inversions while reading about the struggles and triumphs of Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr.

Unfortunately, being sick really set me back, and so I may not get into a full headstand until March but I will be working diligently until something happens. I am able to get into a headstand now (technically) but it involves throwing myself at a wall so i’d like to work on control. Ultimately this will require core strength, and core strength means 1 step closer to an ab or 2.

And finally (for tonight at least), one of my younger cousins, and several of my girlfriends from Nova Scotia need a little help getting to their goal weight and have asked for my help. I am going to be working with them to create a 6 week program to get them comfortable with working out, eating more greens and less processed crap, getting more sleep etc. You know, the fundamentals of weight loss and maintenance. I don’t believe in starving or creating workout plans that are so ridiculous you quit after the first day so it will start off easy and slowly build over the course of the 6 weeks. I have faith in the girls…but they can use the encouragement, so if there are any sites, blogs, tips or tricks you find particularly helpful feel free to let me know. Tomorrow is Day 1…I will post the plan for week #1 as soon as possible. I am hoping to help a few friends discover their love for exercise and clean eating, but I am also hoping to get back on my path to better health and better muscle definition–so let’s get started!

Have a wonderful night!


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