Soft Kitty, warm kitty. Little ball of fur…

Sick puppy

If you’re familiar with The Big Bang Theory, you may have guessed from the title of this blog post, that I’m still sick. Sheldon Cooper’s mother used to sing him soft kitty when he was sick…I could use a little soft kitty in my life right now–or at least some of my mom’s hot cocoa and oatmeal. *sigh* I went to work this morning, but after only a few hours at the office felt terrible and made a trip to the doctor. Turns out i’m not quite ready to go back to work. I was running a fever and was told to take a few more days to let my body recover. You know what doc? Seeing as how I feel like garbage, I suppose I can accept that. 

No intense workouts for me for a few days, but that’s not why your here is it? Didn’t think so. Enough about me, let’s move on to the 6 week plan i’m putting together for my friends.

The plan is to lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean while building healthy eating habits. The focus will be on eating clean, healthy meals with a few ‘treats’ in the mix to keep everyone motivated. Supplemented by at least 4 days per week of exercise; cardio, hiit, and strength training.


Before we get to the plan, let’s discuss a few rules I think are important for anyone just starting out to remember.
Rule#1. We are not DIETING. We are eating healthy, clean food to fuel our bodies to be our best. There will be ‘treats’ but that’s exactly what they are treats. Earn them, and never feel guilty for them. (And you won’t if you make good decisions).
Rule#2. I don’t do calorie counting. Eat until you’re full. If you choose wholesome filling foods that are high in fiber you won’t be hungry, but if you are hungry–EAT. But as I’ve mentioned already, and will probably say 100 more times this month make wise choices as to what you’re eating. Simple as that. Being hungry so you can save an extra 150 calories is not worth it. You might do it today, you might do it tomorrow, but in the long run you’ll make up those calories x 100 and fall off the wagon. Not to mention a restrictive diet messes with your metabolism. 😦
Rule#3. Be honest. I won’t know if you ate half a chocolate cake for dinner or if you had a large salad, but you will–and your body will know. So who’s losing? Well you are, but not in the way you’re hoping for.
Rule#4. No one is perfect. If you mess up and have that large poutine, get over it. Wipe your mouth off, learn from your mistake, and become stronger for it. Instead of beating yourself up for days, acknowledge that it happened, determine WHY it happened, then move on. Who knows, maybe next time the craving arises you’ll have found a better way to quench the craving. Life is too short to be living with guilt. Build healthy habits now so you don’t HAVE to cheat with fatty, cheesy, greasiness later.
Rule#5. Exercise is important DON’T STOP BECAUSE YOU’RE BAD AT IT!! I get it, you’re out of breath, and your legs hurt for 3 days but you won’t see progress unless you stick with it. Give yourself time to improve and you’ll be surprised at what your body can do. Oh, bonus: Choose an activity you like. My ideas are merely suggestions. If you find that you hate running but love the elliptical as long as you challenge yourself, then by all means do the one you’ll actually stick to.

Each week there will be a different focus. This week is about building a strong foundation.
Week 1. 
Diet Do’s:
-Eat lots of veggies. Preferably salad or steamed veggies.                         Salad
-Drink plenty of water. Aim for 2-3 litres daily.
-Choose clean whole grains.
-Fresh fruit and homemade green smoothies.
-Keep a food journal
-Get Lots of sleep. Aim for 8 full hours each night.

Diet Don’ts:
-No starving
-No processed foods. Or fatty, sugary foods. (Say no to crackers, cookies, waffles, ice cream, etc).
-No dairy
-Ease up on the stress

My only rule for exercise is that at least 4 workouts need to happen in the next 7 days. More workouts can be completed,  but remember to leave your body time to recover, refuel with protein following a workout, and always leave yourself at least 1 rest day per week.

-Routine 1: Run 3 minutes, 25 squats, 25 crunches, 10 pushups. Do for a total of 4 sets.
-Routine 2: Skipping rope for 2 minutes. 10 Burpees, 15 lunges (each leg), 25 bicycle crunches, plank for 30 seconds,  Do for a total of 5 sets.

-Routine 3: (Treadmill or Elliptical workout)


-Routine 4:

Exercise routine

Alright girls. You know what we’ve discussed–start slow, and see this through. 6 weeks from now you’ll be well on your way to a fitter healthier you. This sick girl is off to bed. Sweet Dreams.



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  1. Hey, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Ie, it looks fine but when opening
    in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, wonderful blog!

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