Happy Chocolate Covered L-O-V-E Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Whether you’re single, dating, engaged, married, or have more of a relationship with your cat and Chinese takeout than you’d like to admit I hope you genuinely smiled at least once today and felt happy. I know so many girls who become upset at today because they feel ridiculed for being “alone”. Well I am here to say that you can’t possibly be alone or you wouldn’t have anyone to complain to. You felt fine February 12th with your life, your job, your friends why would today be any different? So you’re not 7 months away from walking down the aisle, does that somehow mean you’re living a meaningless life? I certainly hope not, because there are many fabulous single ladies and gents out there who are making waves in this world and i’d like to think they’re not wasting their time. And having friends and family who love you means you’re not really alone. So have a glass of champagne, a few chocolate covered strawberries, maybe a run to get that endorphin rush going and stop your whining. Sorry, but it’s true. Love your self, that’s all the valentine you need today.  ??????????????????????

Tough love aside, how about a stroll down memory lane. Does anyone else remember spending hours meticulously choosing and customizing homemade valentines for classmates, teachers, and maybe even that one special boy? Or was that just me? This afternoon, while nursing a stomach ache and a fever, I had the strange desire to pull out glue, construction paper, ribbon, and markers and give in to my creative side, but instead I watched Grimm and sipped chamomile tea while waiting to feel better. (Update: Yes, i’m still sick but i’m definitely beginning to feel better another day or 2 and I will probably be good as new).

If we’re going to continue this trip down memory lane, it’s probably only fair that I mention my obsession with cinnamon hearts, strawberry marshmallow candies, and pink Starburst. I used to hoard those around this time of year. Oh the memories–and sugar highs. 🙂 The Starburst obsession actually followed me to university. I would often mindlessly roll the wrappers up and use them as bookmarks in my psychology and sociology textbooks (It’s how years later my mother knows I still only ate the pink and orange ones). I suppose you could say I was eating candy for the greater good–it did after all, help me stay organized with my reading. 😀 Oh, who am I kidding? I had a serious sugar addiction. Now…moving on.

hearts  starburst

As a little girl I would spend hours drawing, cutting, writing and preparing all of my little love notes. My sisters opted for the packs of already made cards but I always felt so much joy from giving something I made myself. You should have seen the disastrous glue messes masterpieces I used to make for my dad. You know you’ve used too much glue when 3 days later, it’s still soggy but I always found that dousing it with glitter helped camouflage the stickiness. I was so proud of those pieces, and you know what? So was my dad. He still has many of them locked away in his sock drawer. Several years ago, I was at home and my mom said she wanted to show me something. Turns out, he has arts and crafts, drawings, poems (I went through a haiku phase), valentines, and birthday cards all made by yours truly stashed away.

Where am I going with all of this? I suppose what i’m saying is it’s not the extravagant gifts (tho they are nice) once a year that show your love, but the simple things you do on a daily basis the make the lasting impression. Be consistent with your partner, friends, even pets and show them you care every day and not just surprise them with $150 worth of candy and a giant teddy bear on the 14th of February. My husband tells me he loves me EVERY day of the year. Hearing ‘I love you’, getting a kiss goodnight, and a bouquet of daisies on a random Thursday in June means so much more to me than a fancy dinner, a dozen roses, and a pair of earrings on a day he feels obligated to do it.


  One final parting comment–tomorrow happens to be the best day of the year for many women–CHEAP CHOCOLATE AND CANDY DAY. So make wise choices. However, if you’re me and have a sweet tooth, but are also trying to avoid processed garbage (and are vegan/gluten free) you may want to stick to nature’s candy and my personal best friends–Fresh Fruit!



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