UPS and Push ‘ups’…see what I did there? ;)

So I ordered a set of weights from Amazon (will do a review once i’ve had a chance to use them), and being the impatient child that I am, I have been logging in constantly to see when it shipped and where it was, when it would be delivered, etc. I woke this morning and checked the UPS site to see that it had arrived in Ottawa, was loaded on the truck, and was out for delivery today!! Their hours of delivery range from 9-7 or something but someone was here at all times so I knew it would all work out.  I checked every hour (okay, so I checked every half hour) at work to see if it was delivered yet…I checked every 5 minutes on my bus ride home, and then I sat like a child by the window after I got home waiting for the brown UPS truck to pull up. Check–nope, still out for delivery. Check again–Nope, still out for delivery. Check again–WAIT A MINUTE. Failed Attempt, cannot gain access to building,  need security code.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME UPS?!?!? (For the record, he didn’t even leave a delivery failure notice…)

I left a note on the doors telling the UPS guy to buzz our place with the buzzer #, that we were home, and still Nothing! I am very much NOT impressed. I called UPS regarding this matter, to which they responded–well try leaving a note, that helps. Nope, actually, it does not. She then gave me the good news, well he’ll try again tomorrow–also between 9 and 7. Maybe try to catch him then? Yes, because I have nothing better to do than sit at home waiting for the UPS guy NOT to deliver my parcel. I’m not going to lie, the package weighs 110lbs and I am not looking forward to going to pick it up from one of their locations, so it would be MUCH better to have him bring it to my door. And that’s not asking to much is it? I did, after all, pay to have it DELIVERED. On a positive note, I learned a lesson in patience today. I believe my mother would always say “A watched pot never boils” haha. Gahhh.

Anyway, i’m really hoping for a delivery tomorrow! My husband will be home for most of the day but I am planning to do spin class at 6am and 4pm so I won’t be home until later in the day, but i’m sure everything will work out. *positive thoughts*

Okay so. That is the end of my little rant, and on to happy things like…a fabulous workout!

This is the workout I did Monday night. It’s pretty intense…my arms are still a little stiff actually.

Workout: (7 rounds)

60 Jumping Jacks

50 Crunches  (I alternated crunches and reverse crunches for that ‘lower ab’ factor)

50 squats

15 pushups

Sounds easy enough right? Well try doing this as fast as you can, without sacrificing form, for 7 rounds. I assure you, it gets tough. I refuse to do push ups on my knees, so the last 3 rounds I was practically yelling  the entire 15 pushups because my arms were dying. I am happy to report that I survived this routine AND managed to do it in under 35 minutes. Feel free to give it a shot and post your best time–especially if it beats my time!

Have a great night! I’m off to bed–actually i’m off to paint my nails in a hurry, then go to bed. 6am spin class is calling my name!


One thought on “UPS and Push ‘ups’…see what I did there? ;)

  1. I’d would just like to confirm the intensity of this workout! On wednesday I knew I would have to skip my after work gym time, due to important committments at the hair salon 🙂 So I asked you for a little morning workout to make up the difference… the above mentioned challenge is what I got. Although I cursed your name throughout, I can thank you now!

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