Shhh….don’t spoil the surprise!

Do you know that feeling when you have an awesome secret that you can’t tell someone because you’ll ruin a surprise that is in store for them, but every time you talk to them you find yourself biting your tongue to keep from blurting it out?    Welcome to my life.

I am currently hiding 2 separate secrets from my parents–they each know each other’s secret but have no idea there is one that involves them as well. I find that they both sort of act suspicious when they have a secret (do you know how many times I’ve practically forced my father to tell me what my birthday gift was?? Let’s just say so many times that my mother stopped letting him know what his money was buying. haha) but if they each have a secret to hide, they’d be too focused on hiding their secret to notice the other is acting all weird. Brilliant I know.

Secret number 1: I am heading home to Nova Scotia at the end of the month to spend Easter with my family and to celebrate my parent’s birthdays. My dad turns 60 on April 9th but we’re having his party early. The thing is…he doesn’t know i’m flying home for it and has been sulking every day for the past month. My dad and I are really close and it makes him sad that I can’t be there. Now, I feel so guilty every time he brings it up BUT at the same time, I know it will be the ultimate birthday gift to show up unannounced. My mom knows that I will be home, and is pretty darn cool about the whole situation–I keep reminding her not to accidentally tell my dad, but I think I may be projecting since every time I open my mouth I want to blurt out that i’ll be in Nova Scotia soon.

On to secret number 2…I ordered my mom a juicer last week and i’m having it delivered to my sister’s house. My dad knows that i’m getting her the juicer and keeps saying how excited and surprised my mom will be not realizing that HE is the one in for the surprise. My mother has no idea I ordered her the juicer. She has been wanting one for a while now, but  never treats herself so I took it upon my self to get something for her that I think will be good for her health AND a gift that she actually wants and will use. Win Win right?

I just need to figure out a way to keep from accidentally mentioning either of these things to the wrong parent. Just the other day I was talking to my dad about Easter vacation and had to quickly cover up a few slip ups I had. Luckily the hockey game was on and he was too focused on Detroit winning to notice that I was being awkward. *phew*

Before I go..keep your eyes open for several upcoming posts. I have been insanely busy with work, but since that’s the lamest excuse EVER I promise to do better. I have a few ideas for how i’d like this blog to develop and I think you’ll like it…well at least I hope you will. For starters, I want to review a few hair products I have recently purchased. The plan is to do 1 per week starting this week with Kinky Curly. I’m a bit of a product junkie so this is definitely going to take several weeks. (So much for cutting back on buying things). I’d also like to share at least 1 recipe per week and 1 workout routine. So That’s approximately 3 posts per week…I think I can do this! No, you know what…I CAN do this!

Until next time! Oh yeah…wish me luck with my constant urge to blab. 😀


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