Detox Eve (also known as the night I got beet juice over everything in the kitchen).

Have I mentioned lately that I have the most incredible husband? No? Okay, well I do. You know that scene from practically every a few romantic comedies where the man just does the right thing at the absolute perfect time? Well today, I experienced that moment. I was lying on my bed dying a slow death curled up with insane ‘lady time’ cramps and creating my workout list for the upcoming week, praying that the disgusting ‘FOR HER’ tea I gagged down earlier would help my issues when hubby (whom I shall sometimes refer to as AB) returned from his outing bearing gifts.  He surprised me with flowers, cupcakes, and *drum roll please* a Pink Hot water bottle (complete with a cute little knit sweater). I had been discussing natural remedies with my girlfriends earlier in the day, and decided I needed a hot water bottle and mentioned to hubby that I should probably buy one today when I finished at the gym. I didn’t tell him that I didn’t get one, but obviously he knows me well and knew I’d probably forget until I was home in the fetal position. I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful man–I’m the one with cramps, yet he’s the one who remembered the bottle—go figure.

I know what you’re thinking right now, well, I don’t know for sure but I have a pretty good guess. “Regena, your detox started today, you cheated on the first day WITH A CUPCAKE…the horror” Well, actually, the detox doesn’t start until Wednesday now because my dad’s 60th birthday is on Tuesday and my mom didn’t want to torture herself by being on a cleanse on his birthday. And since my dad may do it with her, they want to start together. I’m not going to lie tho, I can’t say that I would have refused the cupcake even if I WAS doing the detox today…I mean, can you really blame me? Look at it…

Although mom doesn’t begin the SPRING CLEAN until Wednesday, I have decided to go ahead and start tomorrow anyway. It doesn’t matter that I will be 2 days ahead of her, in fact it may actually even be a positive. By the time she’s on day 2 and 3 and craving foods, I can assure her it gets better (fingers crossed that it does get better) and encourage her to stick with it. I also think this will help me stay strong because if I quit on day 2, 3, 4 etc my mom probably will too, and I really want her to do this. In preparation for the upcoming detox I spent the evening preparing some tasty juice for tomorrow. I know, I know, it’s better for you immediately after you juice it, and I agree, but I am not about to get up tomorrow morning at 4:30 am to juice beets, carrots, apples, etc. so I didn’t have any other options.

I am hoping to survive all 9 days of the detox (the 7 of my own, and the last 2 days with my mom)…and unless I quit by day 4 I actually plan to add on a Day 10 because somehow a 10 day detox seems to balance out better than a 9 day detox. I realize this probably doesn’t make any sense, but that is how my mind works and I can’t exactly help it. If I can stick to my plan this will mean I will be doing a full juice cleanse from April 8 until 17. I have a friend’s birthday dinner in the middle of this detox, but I have already factored this into my plan. For dinner I am going to have a small clean salad, with lemon juice and San Pellegrino (If you’re reading this CS don’t worry, I WANT to come–detox or no detox).

I am feeling quite positive about the upcoming juicing feast, and although I am nervous that I will miss eating solid food, I know that the benefits will make it worthwhile.  My stomach and intestines need the break, and i’m sure my liver wouldn’t mind the vacation either.

DSC04191For some reason tonight, all of the juices I made contained a beet, which obviously translates into Regena must get beet juice on her fingers, not notice, and then touch everything within arm length.  I now have beet juice on every dishtowel in the kitchen…and my self, and the cupboards, and the fridge door. In case you didn’t get it, I’m messy.

Out of the 3 juices I made tonight, I think my favourite juice was probably the one I was most nervous about. It contains a ton of Kale and although it smells very strongly of kale’s bitterness, it tastes very sweet. Oh, and I like to give my juices funny names, so consider yourself warned.

Purple People Hugger (instead of eater, because i’m a dork)

1 beet DSC04197

3 carrots

3 oranges

Large bunch of Kale (entire pack of black kale)

1″ piece of ginger 

I offered some juice to my husband, but he looked like I offered him a live scorpion to eat. He smelled it and said it smelled repulsive–so I guess he’s not perfect after all. He ‘tasted’ it and then quickly said he couldn’t drink more because he was hungry and didn’t want to spoil his dinner. Nice cover AB, nice cover. 😀

Anyway, I’m off to bed. I am excited for Day 1. I have a workout planned for tomorrow, so I think the ultimate test will be whether I feel energetic enough after a day of work to actually complete it. Have a great evening, and wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Detox Eve (also known as the night I got beet juice over everything in the kitchen).

  1. I’m inspired. Because of said dinner and the one with my family this week, I won’t be giving up all food, but I can give my digestive system a break for a couple of days, or even just throughout most of the day, as a start. (It should be noted that I’m happy to have you there, regardless of what you do or don’t eat!)

    As always, I have a question for you that I’m sure some time on google could answer, but since you are sort of becoming my own little personal encyclopedia on clean eating, I’d rather pose my questions to you. You’ve not only done the homework, but have experienced it, so your perspective is important to me.

    How far in advance do you make juice, and how well does it keep?

    Can you prepare a few days worth, or is it best to do it daily?

    Do you modify your workouts when detoxing to account for less energy?

    Sorry for all the questions 😛

  2. Hey Christine,
    Sorry for the late reply. I have a Breville juicer (I believe you do as well) which is a centrifugal type juicer and creates heat as you juice and can break down the nutrients so it’s best to drink the juice right away. I tend to drink much of my juice as I make it, but let’s be realistic I can’t juice 10 times a day so I usually make enough for that day + enough for the first part of the next day. And then continue the cycle every day. There are cold press juicers that apparently do not break down the enzymes so you can keep the juice in the fridge longer, but my wallet isn’t quite up for that.
    As for exercise it depends. I don’t find that I have less energy and so I am able to workout, but I cannot go quite as long or quite as hard as when i’m eating solid food. For instance I often do 2 hours of spinning because I’ll eat a banana (or 3) in between classes but if I did that for this detox I would have to drink a ton of juice and I imagine that it would make me feel sick. I have been working out regularly and only modifying when I feel it’s necessary. Additionally, I’ve been weight lifting as well, but have been struggling to lift as heavy as I typically could so I went lighter. The key is to remember you’re detoxing not starving–so get as many calories as needed just take it liquid form. AND not everyone is the same. Just because I’m able to exercise, doesn’t mean that everyone can.

    Hope this helps!

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