Karaoke in a snow storm (…and day 5 of Spring Clean detox)


Today we received quite the storm here in Ottawa– complete with freezing rain, snow, and of course treacherous ice patches lying in wait for that unsuspecting passerby. I was in a rush to get to work, ran out the door to catch the bus and before I knew it was slipping on the ice. I probably could have steadied myself if I dropped my lunch bag, but it was carrying several mason jars full of juice (which to a person on a juice detox is precious cargo) so I decided to protect my juice and take the fall. OUCH!  Spring, please hurry, I cannot take many more of these icy days.


I’ve made it to the end of Day 5 and I feel good. Tonight was a birthday dinner for one of my girlfriends, and I knew everyone would be ordering amazing meals so I considered not going, but I wanted to see her and to socialize so I made a promise to myself that if I could survive the evening without breaking the detox that I could buy new yoga pants. (Hurray for simply bribery).  I had a large container of juice prior to dinner to ensure I wouldn’t be hungry, but everyone around me was enjoying cocktails, wine, pasta, pizza, mac and cheese, etc. and the smells were intoxicating. I ordered water with lemon and lime and expected that I would be drooling all over myself but surprisingly, it was not as difficult as I had imagined. (If you remember from a previous post, my initial plan for tonight was to order a simple salad, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that if I broke the detox for 1 thing I’d start breaking it for others as well and I really want to make it the entire 10 days). So I went, I didn’t eat, and I conquered!

After dinner, we went to Karaoke, and I have been humming “Stop right now” by Spice Girls ever since. Somehow you forget about the ice, slush, and cold weather when you’re listening to your girlfriends sing, slightly off key, songs of your youth.

Tomorrow I plan to do some early morning spinning, followed by an afternoon yoga class (or 2). I also have a 15% off coupon for Sephora, so it would be a waste not to at least go take a look around right? That’s what I thought! And of course i’ll be juicing…I’m craving carrot apple juice, so definitely some of that! 🙂



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