I had a dream…no really, I did, and it was about mangoes. (Day 6,7,8)

9 days ago I sat anxiously on my bed, drafting a blog post regarding a 10 day detox that I was going to attempt. I was hoping that I could survive the 10 days without gnawing at my own arm, but expecting that I’d call it quits by day 3. Yet here I am, 8 days in, and still going strong. The hardest part is over, and I am taking each day as it comes and feeling stronger than ever.

The initial reason for me doing this detox was because of my mother, but I realized 3 days into it when the cravings were at their peak that I wanted this for me. Mom was unable to do the entire 7 days as she had hoped, but managed to go 3 days before giving in to temptation. At first I was sad to see her end the cleanse early because I was worried she’d begin eating poorly if she felt guilty for quitting. However, the cleanse left her feeling so refreshed and revitalized that she has been eating incredibly clean since stopping to continue feeling renewed. She said that she can’t imagine eating an entirely raw diet, but she can understand if I feel this light and fresh all the time why I do it.  Knowing my mom finally sees the direct connection (if only a little) between eating a certain way and FEELING a certain way, made this entire experience worthwhile.


“Pick me up” Juice

2 organic carrots

1 organic beet

1 organic apple (gala)

This juice has become my mid morning staple. Just when I think I can’t make it through another meeting, or I’d rather not review any more files I have some of this and I perk right up. It’s sweet juice and I love it for that very reason; I don’t always  want my juice to taste like Kale. (Shhhh…I wouldn’t want to hurt Kale’s feelings). Sometimes I throw in ginger to the mix, it adds a playful punch.

One final announcement, rather than finishing the detox on Wednesday like I had initially planned, I will now be going until Sunday. I know what you’re thinking, and no, not because I love it THAT much. Although, I am not starving or having any terrible cravings, I cannot wait for solid food–can anyone say bananas and mangos!?!? I literally dream about them every night.

A young woman who reads my blog started the detox on the same day as me, and is doing it for 14 days and has asked that I continue the 4 extra days with her. At first I said that I couldn’t, but then I realized that I definitely COULD but was being selfish and just wanted food (which will still be there on Monday). We have been emailing back and forth and last night I made the decision to continue the extra days with her. I feel I have earned a GIANT bowl of raw zucchini pasta and as many bananas as I want when this is done, but for now if the 4 extra days means helping someone at the beginning of their healthy living journey, then this goes beyond a few additional days of juice and I couldn’t possibly refuse. That being said, Sunday is DEFINITELY the last day, the dreams about succulent fruit are beginning to seem so real, I can’t be sure I wont’ wake up chewing on my pillow.



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