*Cough Cough…my lungs hurt* (Final Day of the Spring Clean Detox)

Finally, the end to my 14 day juice detox has arrived…but what’s this? I didn’t make it…? Seriously?!?!

Unfortunately, I have been fighting a cold and the juice, as amazing as it is, wasn’t quite enough for me. I was absolutely miserable on Friday and decided to make myself some roasted garlic tomato soup to soothe my mind and body. At first, I was incredibly disappointed that i’d made it 12 days, but could not go the final 2, but then realized–I have nothing to be ashamed of, I did my best and would have finished had I not become ill. (I probably could have forced myself to do the final 2 days, but honestly, this spring clean detox was supposed to be about recharging my body and getting in tune with myself–and cleansing…and I didn’t feel I was getting any of those benefits while lying in bed miserable).

If you remember, the detox was supposed to end on Day 10, but I added the additional 4 days at the request of someone who follows my blog. I struggled with exactly how to tell her that I wouldn’t finish the last 2 days, and finally drafted a quick message to let her know that I wasn’t well and thought it best to stop early. Her response surprised me. I expected that she would understand, and was ready to be there as much as possible to lend moral advice… however, it turns out, she got sick as well and had already eaten some plain toast to settle her stomach. Both of us had been around sick people lately and had hoped that we would be able to get by without being affected, but unfortunately this was not the case. *booo*  I was not as sick as she, and although my lungs and throat ache, I am not completely confined to my bed. (Feel better soon LK *hugs*)


We decided that a little warm soup was just what the doctor ordered. I had a rather large portion of soup because I hadn’t eaten any food in days and it didn’t sit well with me, and I knew it wouldn’t but somehow the idea of homemade soup made me feel better. I am still not 100% but I am definitely improving…  I am going to freeze the soup, or else feed it to my husband with a toasted baguette.

I will do a write up this week about my experiences doing a 12 day juice detox, what I learned, what i’d do differently, what I liked and didn’t like, etc. So stay tuned!

Now that the spring cleaning is through, it’s back a raw lifestyle for a while, and actually rather than doing “predominately raw” I am going fully raw for a while to determine if this is what’s right for me or not. I will also be posting a Challenge this week with a few things i’d like to try over the coming weeks. These include food challenges, workout changes,  maybe even set some new goals (physical and emotional) that i’d like to strive for.



Have a wonderful week everyone! Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, smile constantly, and hug as many people as often as you can!



One thought on “*Cough Cough…my lungs hurt* (Final Day of the Spring Clean Detox)

  1. Tomato soup is the BEST thing when you have cold. Just wrapped up in a blanket, watching something awesome (I usually rewatch the Godfather trilogy), and in a cold haze.

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