Don’t put in 1/2 the effort, unless you’re okay with 1/2 the results… (Personal Challenge)

Happy Earth Day! I spent some time in the dark today (actually it was bright until later in the evening so I just kept my curtains open), used only as much water as was absolutely necessary, ate all local produce, and would have biked home from work if I wasn’t sick…what did you do today? Of course it is important to be kind to the Earth every day, but why not do a little something special today? 🙂

So I recently had an “Ah HA!” moment. You know, that moment when something super obvious that had been previously alluding me just suddenly seemed so much more clear. Basically, I have come to realize that that I don’t necessarily work hard enough for the results i’m seeking. I eat okay some of the time, strength train but never really push my limits, and only really push myself when I feel like it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think there is anything wrong with the way I look or even the amount of effort I put in–not really BUT I have a particular look that I’m going for and if I am ever going to get the muscle definition and ABS that I dream of, I am going to have to eat cleaner, lift heavier, and overall work harder.


Will you










I was recently chatting with Laura from Fit, Green, and Gorgeous (she’s amazing by the way, go check her out) about this very notion. Since discovering her instagram and blog I have come to realize that there really isn’t some crazy science to getting the results you seek, just good old fashioned hard work, clean eating, and dedication.  Sure, we all KNOW this to be true, but applying that concept can be tricky. It’s easy to assume someone was just born with that body, or has some special trick they do, when really it’s always just the same concept time after time.  However, actually watching someone grow, change, and make progress right in front of your eyes is a different story. It’s not that I want to have her body, or to be exactly like her, not at all…it’s that she motivates me to go after what it is that I want. 

I want to discover MY perfect balance, and it’s not going to happen over night  but i’m willing to put in the work. I created a personal challenge of things I want to achieve in the next little while. My first challenge is only 6 weeks long, but I will add to it weekly (little things like drink more water, do more pushups, etc) and I’ll continue with these challenges to ensure I don’t become complacent as I strive for improvement.

Before I get to the challenge, I’d like to say that my weakness is definitely food. I eat clean most of the time, but it’s those times I don’t eat clean that is a problem.


I have a problem with controlling myself and have been known to polish off a tray of cookies or 1/2 dozen cupcakes just because they were there. I am not saying that I will never again have a cupcake, but I definitely need to learn how to control myself. Okay, so moving on to the Challenge…


1. Eat Completely Raw for 6 weeks. (Tuesday, April 23rd – Monday, June 3rd)

2. No “cheats” for 6 weeks (1 exception. My wedding anniversary falls in the middle of this and I will allow myself a glass of wine)

3. Lift Heavy 4 days per week

4. Focus on Abs and Inner Thighs

5. Become Stronger with Headstands

6. Eat more greens

7. Complete a Sun salutation 5 days/week

8. 100 squats a day

worth it


Before I go–life isn’t only about sweating a ton, or eating multiple heads of lettuce, it’s about being happy, loving yourself and spreading that positive energy to others. You know those times when you’re having a bad day and someone says something nice or does something nice (even the smallest of actions) and it just brightens your entire day? Well BE that person. Take time to smile, to compliment, to spread positive energy. 

For the next 6 weeks, every day I am going to think of different things that I am truly grateful for and just take a moment to appreciate it’s force in my life–try it with me, I have a feeling we all have much to be thankful for. 



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