Spring Clean Detox Day 1

As I sit here in my fuzzy robe, enjoying a sitcom, and sipping some chamomile peppermint tea reflecting on my day, I have come to the conclusion that I really CAN do anything I put my mind to (if I want it bad enough).


This morning started like many other Monday mornings–rushing around, reaching for a banana…uh oh, nope can’t have that–putting the banana back, and grabbing my many bottles of juice and heading to work. The more I thought about the fact that I was doing a juice cleanse, the hungrier I became and the more I wanted a banana, an apple, an orange…shoot, I probably would have even attempted to eat a raw potato around 11:30am. Instead, I gave myself a little pep talk, convinced myself that the cravings were in my head and that if I just drank a little more juice i’d be fine, and made myself a cup of detox tea.


The tea has a very strong ‘black licorice’ smell to it, but the taste is quite mild. I let it steep for 7-8 minutes and pretended it was soup. I know this sounds sort of ridiculous, but I also know myself and I had PLENTY of juice to drink that I shouldn’t actually be so ravenous. After my tea, I drank another bottle of juice and I felt much better.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after my first day, and although I created a workout last night I was not going to be heart broken if I was too tired. However, I got home from work, and felt fine so I decided to give it a shot. Some people discourage you from working out during a detox like this, but I know my body and if I felt off in any way I would have stopped immediately, but truthfully I felt great.

My workout tonight was broken into 3 parts Arms/Shoulders, Abs, HIIT, and a bonus part SQUATS!!

The challenge, which I found on instagram, is called “Squategeddon” and let me just say, it destroyed my booty. Well, to be honest, my behind feels fine, it was my knees I was worried about for the last 45-50 squats but I made it.


Today’s workout looked like this: 10 reps 3 sets

Arms/Shoulder                                                ABS

1.Tricep push-up                               1. Crunches

2.Clean and Press                              2. Leg Lifts

3.Bicep curl                                         3. Bicycle Crunch

4.Lateral Raise                                   4. V-sit crunch

5.Bent Barbell row                            5. Scissor legs (not really sure what they’re called)

6. Rear Delt fly                                    6. Russian Twist


I  also did 1 round of burpees, mountain climbers, jump squats, skaters, and squat thrusts, but then I got a little distracted and started doing knee to feet jumps and sort of forgot all about finishing the last 2 sets. Oops. And finally, for today’s Squat challenge I did 215 squats. My bum will thank me in time, but i’m sure tomorrow my quads will hate me.

All in all, today was a success. I didn’t break the detox, I exercised, and I didn’t snap or throw anything at anyone–a successful day 1 indeed. Only 9 more days to go…I got this.


Detox Eve (also known as the night I got beet juice over everything in the kitchen).

Have I mentioned lately that I have the most incredible husband? No? Okay, well I do. You know that scene from practically every a few romantic comedies where the man just does the right thing at the absolute perfect time? Well today, I experienced that moment. I was lying on my bed dying a slow death curled up with insane ‘lady time’ cramps and creating my workout list for the upcoming week, praying that the disgusting ‘FOR HER’ tea I gagged down earlier would help my issues when hubby (whom I shall sometimes refer to as AB) returned from his outing bearing gifts.  He surprised me with flowers, cupcakes, and *drum roll please* a Pink Hot water bottle (complete with a cute little knit sweater). I had been discussing natural remedies with my girlfriends earlier in the day, and decided I needed a hot water bottle and mentioned to hubby that I should probably buy one today when I finished at the gym. I didn’t tell him that I didn’t get one, but obviously he knows me well and knew I’d probably forget until I was home in the fetal position. I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful man–I’m the one with cramps, yet he’s the one who remembered the bottle—go figure.

I know what you’re thinking right now, well, I don’t know for sure but I have a pretty good guess. “Regena, your detox started today, you cheated on the first day WITH A CUPCAKE…the horror” Well, actually, the detox doesn’t start until Wednesday now because my dad’s 60th birthday is on Tuesday and my mom didn’t want to torture herself by being on a cleanse on his birthday. And since my dad may do it with her, they want to start together. I’m not going to lie tho, I can’t say that I would have refused the cupcake even if I WAS doing the detox today…I mean, can you really blame me? Look at it…

Although mom doesn’t begin the SPRING CLEAN until Wednesday, I have decided to go ahead and start tomorrow anyway. It doesn’t matter that I will be 2 days ahead of her, in fact it may actually even be a positive. By the time she’s on day 2 and 3 and craving foods, I can assure her it gets better (fingers crossed that it does get better) and encourage her to stick with it. I also think this will help me stay strong because if I quit on day 2, 3, 4 etc my mom probably will too, and I really want her to do this. In preparation for the upcoming detox I spent the evening preparing some tasty juice for tomorrow. I know, I know, it’s better for you immediately after you juice it, and I agree, but I am not about to get up tomorrow morning at 4:30 am to juice beets, carrots, apples, etc. so I didn’t have any other options.

I am hoping to survive all 9 days of the detox (the 7 of my own, and the last 2 days with my mom)…and unless I quit by day 4 I actually plan to add on a Day 10 because somehow a 10 day detox seems to balance out better than a 9 day detox. I realize this probably doesn’t make any sense, but that is how my mind works and I can’t exactly help it. If I can stick to my plan this will mean I will be doing a full juice cleanse from April 8 until 17. I have a friend’s birthday dinner in the middle of this detox, but I have already factored this into my plan. For dinner I am going to have a small clean salad, with lemon juice and San Pellegrino (If you’re reading this CS don’t worry, I WANT to come–detox or no detox).

I am feeling quite positive about the upcoming juicing feast, and although I am nervous that I will miss eating solid food, I know that the benefits will make it worthwhile.  My stomach and intestines need the break, and i’m sure my liver wouldn’t mind the vacation either.

DSC04191For some reason tonight, all of the juices I made contained a beet, which obviously translates into Regena must get beet juice on her fingers, not notice, and then touch everything within arm length.  I now have beet juice on every dishtowel in the kitchen…and my self, and the cupboards, and the fridge door. In case you didn’t get it, I’m messy.

Out of the 3 juices I made tonight, I think my favourite juice was probably the one I was most nervous about. It contains a ton of Kale and although it smells very strongly of kale’s bitterness, it tastes very sweet. Oh, and I like to give my juices funny names, so consider yourself warned.

Purple People Hugger (instead of eater, because i’m a dork)

1 beet DSC04197

3 carrots

3 oranges

Large bunch of Kale (entire pack of black kale)

1″ piece of ginger 

I offered some juice to my husband, but he looked like I offered him a live scorpion to eat. He smelled it and said it smelled repulsive–so I guess he’s not perfect after all. He ‘tasted’ it and then quickly said he couldn’t drink more because he was hungry and didn’t want to spoil his dinner. Nice cover AB, nice cover. 😀

Anyway, I’m off to bed. I am excited for Day 1. I have a workout planned for tomorrow, so I think the ultimate test will be whether I feel energetic enough after a day of work to actually complete it. Have a great evening, and wish me luck!

Spring Cleaning–good for your windows, closets, and liver!

Well i’m back from Nova Scotia and fully revitalized. Hmm…okay not exactly true. My spirit feels awake and refreshed, but my poor body is exhausted. Apparently staying up til 2am, and getting up at 7 am every day while on vacation isn’t the best way to relax. It doesn’t matter tho, because I had a wonderful time. I spent time with my parents, grandparents, and sisters and could have used another 5 or 6 days to squeeze in even more fun, but i’ll take what I can get.

Going into the trip, I was nervous that my mom would be insanely judgmental of my predominately raw lifestyle, but instead she fully embraced it and had ridiculous amounts of fruit cut up for me all the time. I have to admit, I had planned to make her breakfast in bed, but instead I woke up to her bringing me a giant fruit try. *sigh* Both of my parents commented on my complexion and how healthy I looked, so I suppose they found it hard to argue with what they could see. If I looked sickly and pale, I think they would have given me a hard time, but luckily the way I eat is doing my body good.

I normally head home to NS for a long weekend and sleep and read, but this trip I made it my mission to do as many nice things for my family as possible. Let’s see…I surprised my dad by showing up at 1am and hiding in the porch. He kept pinching himself to ensure he wasn’t dreaming. I treated my mom to a huge birthday dinner, made her a cake, and decorated the house. I also bought her a juicer, but in pure Regena fashion, I gave it to her early because I couldn’t wait any longer. It worked out tho, because she wanted me to teach her some of my juicing recipes. I bought maternity clothes for my baby sister, and played hair stylist to my other sister. I took home tons of little presents, but I realized while standing at the airport looking into my mother’s tearful eyes that it wasn’t the ‘things’ I brought home that mattered the most. *sniff*

Mom, Dad, and I on her birthday! Isn't she beautiful?


We spent a lot of time driving while I was home. My grandmother lives 5 hours away, so we drove there and back. The airport is 2 hours away, so yeah…had to get there too. Normally, we jump in the van and head to our destination only stopping every 45 minutes when my baby bladder forces us to do so, but this trip we actually enjoyed the scenery along the way and had little adventures. We followed the GPS on my phone and found Starbucks  checked out a few parks, and even took a few detours just because we could. It was so nice to just relax and chat with my parents. Well it was nice until they started reminiscing about the tornado that was me as a child. I won’t go into detail, but I had a crazy imagination and was obsessed with being a pterodactyl -there was a point in my life (around the age of 5)where my mother was constantly afraid I would break my legs because I jumped off of anything higher than a step (*I once flew off my neighbors banister into the wall…My bad).

While I was home my mom and I swapped stories of spring cleaning. My mom pointed out a giant (size of a fist) brown spider outside of her window and said “You’re a vegan now, do you want to rescue it before I start cleaning and knock it to the ground”. Uh yeah…I may be a vegan, and want all creatures to be treated with care but there is NO WAYYYYY I am touching that giant hairy leggy thing. *shudders* Confession time, I need to clean my own windows but there are spiders lurking outside, so they may just stay dirty until I can no longer see out of them…or the spider realizes it likes the taste of human flesh and eats me in my sleep. Whoops, I got a little distracted there–the point was that we were discussing spring cleaning, and the topic of spring cleaning for the body came up. My mom liked the suggestions I gave her, but being a crazy person (I do come by it honestly) she decided to do a juice feast. I say feast because there will be no starving going on here, but instead plenty of clean, homemade fresh amazing juice. I agreed to do it with her, because let’s be honest I could use a little pick me up. (I was supposed to be aiming for abs, and technically I still am, but my friends all quit, so it’s been slow going for me…so maybe this will focus me once again).

The detox/spring cleaning/juice feast starts on Sunday, April 8th and lasts for 7 days. Mom wants to try to do it for 14 days, and I promised that I would continue with her but with several modifications. I plan to do smoothies instead of just juice after the first 7 days, and i’ll probably eat bananas too. Additionally, she wants to continue the spring clean for 28 days (so 2 additional weeks) but will incorporate green smoothies and raw fruits and veggies. I am afraid that she is not going to consume enough calories the first few days and will be tempted the quit, so I will be calling her every day–probably twice a day–to keep her motivated. If you could use a spring clean, feel free to join us. A detox/spring clean doesn’t have to mean ONLY juice or ONLY smoothies, but perhaps you eat a lot of fried foods–try cutting that out for a week, or adding a green smoothie to your day. Little changes can make a big impact.

I am not looking to lose any weight, and will probably consume several liters of juice per day to keep up my energy, but I am so excited for the mental and physical benefits that come with detoxification. I am ready for the clearer skin, better mental clarity, healthier hair, and of course feeling light and revitalized. I tried telling my mom how it feels to give up all of that junk, but she’s not convinced yet. Of course she wants to feel lighter and healthier, but she’s going for weight loss, so I have to show her that weight loss isn’t the most important part of this detox. Let’s hope that this 28 day journey will awaken her younger self and she will continue this healthier lifestyle.

My beautiful Mother!
My beautiful Mother!