Personal Challenge Week#4

Good Evening friends!

It’s been 3 weeks since I first started this newest challenge, which focuses on helping me break my sugar addiction,  and build the body I want. I’ve had a few missteps, made some progress, changed rules along the way and now i’m moving into the 4th week and couldn’t be happier.

This is going to be a short post, but I’d like to quickly mention my “changes” to the 6 week challenge, as well as, add on new goals for this week!

1. Originally, I was supposed to be eating fully raw for 6 weeks, but in the past week i’ve added a few cooked foods. Not because I was craving bread or chips, rather my body was actually telling me that I needed something more to feel better. I added small amounts of quinoa and sweet potato and voila–much better. The thing I love about eating so clean–especially raw, is that you become so in tune with your body, so when it says “actually girl, eat more” or “this food doesn’t work for me” or “I need a little cooked food” you notice. I commend those who are fully raw, and maybe someday i’ll get there but for now, I feel better with the small amount of sweet potato/quinoa i’ve been having (only after 4pm). Also, I believe that you should do what’s best for your body and NEVER stick with a diet that is so restrictive that you are miserable…so, if that means a little tweak from time to time, then by all means do that. Oh and if you’re wondering why I didn’t just eat more fruit, well the issue is that to feel the same affect (needed energy) I was finding that I needed to eat 6 bananas (or mass amounts of fruit) which is fine –I love bananas– BUT I was not physically able to eat because I was full. I eat A LOT when fully raw, and sometimes my belly is full but I haven’t eaten enough calories for the day…   that’s where the cooked carbs come in.

2. Part of last week’s challenge was that I’d foam roll, and i’m ashamed to say that I did not pull out the foam roller at all…until today. :S  So that goal still stands. I will foam roll. I will, I will, I WILL!

Okay, on to the NEW goals.

1. 5 minute plank, v-sit, and 10 minute wall sit challenge. I’ve been working towards these goals every day. I’m getting stronger, and where I once thought “there is NO way i’ll actually do this for the total time in 30 days” I now see that it’s definitely an attainable goal. It’s going to be hard, and i’ll sweat (and probably curse) my way to the full time, but i’ll make it. Today the plank only had to be 2:30 minutes BUT I held it for 4. I was so incredibly proud of myself. 😀 I WILL make it to 5 minutes by the end of the month.

2. ABS! Okay so bla bla bla…I want abs, I’ve always wanted abs, I sort of work towards abs, I wish I had abs. The amount of times I reference ‘abs’ in a month is ridiculous really. I always say i’m going to get there, and was even supposed to do a challenge with my friend (didn’t work out) but honestly, I have not been REALLY EXTRA SUPER DE-DUPER focused on getting the 1 thing I talk about constantly. This is a big one, and obviously will be going on for a while (as in the personal challenge ends in 3 weeks, but i’ll be working on abs for a long time) but I am actively working on building FULL abs starting TODAY! ANDDD I’m going to take a before photo (haven’t done it yet) and in 4 weeks i’ll take another, and then 4 weeks after that, another, etc. until I am popping out a core to rival any wash board. Oh yeah, and to keep me accountable…*gulp* i’m actually going to post the photos.

Okay well this was a pretty boring post– no amazing photos, or clever anecdotes, but sometimes simple, concise, to the point is best…right? RIGHT? That’s what I thought.

I have been working on a few things for my upcoming blog posts starting with some protein powder reviews (some good, some pretty darn gag worthy), and some hair product reviews. I wanted to try everything for a few weeks to ensure it wasn’t a 1 time error or success.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day filled with smiles, sunshine, and SWEAT! If you didn’t work out today (unless it was your rest day) do something, anything RIGHT NOW. Seriously, do a 1 minute plank, followed by a 1 minute v-sit,  a 1 minute wall sit and then 2 minutes of burpees or jumping jacks. That’s 5 minutes of your time but I promise you there will now be sweat in your day. DO IT!

Peace, love, and Tricep dips!


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