The 4 P’s of Packing…

Good Evening Everyone!

As promised i’m here with another blog post. Don’t be fooled by the title, this is not a tips and tricks post, but will serve as a cautionary tale, for things one should probably DEFINITELY not do to prepare for travelling to the US, or anywhere for that matter. I decided to write this post because I am travelling to Miami on Friday for a bachelorette with some of my girlfriends. I am super excited for this mini vacation, but of course have to overcome the dreaded packing obstacle first. If you are anything like me, you know what i’m talking about. So here are things one should NOT do if you’re serious about packing without panic. Tho, there is mention of chocolate and peanut butter later in the post, so I suppose there are at least 2 things you SHOULD do, if you want your taste buds to love you. ENJOY!

Okay so, the 4 P’s are Peanut Butter Cups, Protein Pudding, Procrastination, and Panic.


You would think I’d be starting with PB, but tonight’s tale begins with my favourite packing tool, procrastination. Honestly, I travel frequently enough that I know better than to leave my packing til the last minute, yet somehow I ALWAYS leave my suitcase empty until the last possible moment. At which time i’m forced to grab everything from the closet and bathroom cabinets (typically enough to last me for a month)and force them into my GIANT suitcase, sleep for 2.5 hours (all of my flights seem to be early am, and I leave packing until midnight), and of course wake up and swear to never do it again. Procrastination can include so many amazing things. I mean, there’s talking on the phone, cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, youtube is a popular choice, and of course good old absolutely anything but packing–well until crunch time that is. So this leads to #2. Panic.

2. Panic:

Typically panic doesn’t settle in until about 5 hours before I should be asleep, and I realize I have nothing packed, my hair is a tangled mess, and my fingernails are chipped and need to be painted. Okay so before you judge me and my finger nails, it’s important to mention that for some unexplained reason, i have this weird NEED to travel with freshly painted nails. I like to keep them perfect all of the time, but for some reason they’re always at their worst prior to travel and I like to leave them til bedtime to paint because obviously I need to stay up EVEN later, allowing them to dry.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not actually travelling til Friday and so technically Panic should not have even remotely begun to settle in yet as it’s only Tuesday and that leaves me with PLENTY more time to pretend to pack. However, this morning I discovered something that ruined my usual “throw everything in the suitcase and go” practice. When travelling to the US (at least with this airline) one is required to pay $25 to check luggage. SAY WHAT?!? $25 to AND from Miami? Yeah, I don’t think so. That $50 could go to a lot of snacks, and even a few bottles of champagne, but the airline company already got enough of my money so I won’t be checking my bag. That leaves the dreaded CARRY ON. Which means, I have to fit everything i’m planning to wear and use for 4 days in a teeny tiny suitcase! I got home from work today and pulled out my mini suitcase and went about “practice” packing. And HOLY MOTHER OF GUAVA!!! 3 pairs of stilettos, 3 clutches, 4 bikinis, make up, and toiletries filled the suitcase–I’m screwed.

This is when Protein pudding comes into play.

3. Protein Pudding. 


I am obsessed with this, and have 1 every single day. It’s super simple to make, and is essentially a protein shake that I make super thick and with chia and flax so that it “gels” , top it with banana and hemp seeds and then proceed to devour it like a little piggy. However, since i’m still moderately in “panic” mode, I decided I NEEDED chocolate and went to the kitchen to prepare my decadent, seemingly bad–but secretly healthy dessert! The entire time I made it, I drooled a little, did a shake dance while the blender was blending, poured it into the bowl, sliced up the bananas, arranged it all neatly on the cupboard, snapped a photo and then promptly spilled it all over the counter. Not going to lie, I almost cried. My DESSERT IS DRIPPING ON THE FLOOR!!! But I managed to keep it together, cleaned up the mess, and made a 2nd pudding which I devoured in a matter of seconds. Here’s a little secret, when I was a little girl, my favourite dessert was chocolate ice cream with bananas chopped up in it. Now that i’m older, and trying to acquire a set of abs I know this practice probably isn’t the wisest–that’s where protein pudding comes in. So creamy, thick, rich and reminiscent of the ice cream I used to have as a child, but packed with amazingness and not just sugar. I know, what does this have to do with packing? Well other than the fact that I have a sweet tooth and needed chocolate to help relax me, NOTHING, but it starts with P and I had it tonight. ūüėČ

4. Peanut butter cups:


Again, does this have a lot to do with packing? Not really, but again, sometimes a girl just needs chocolate and peanut butter! I was saving a homemade healthy peanut butter cup in the fridge for the past few days and tonight with the weight of fitting all of my stuff in a carry on, followed by the trauma of spilling my protein pudding on the floor I finally caved and ate it. And boy oh boy, was it ever good. I will post the recipe for these babies soon. So delicious and clean! I could probably make them ever healthier if I add Vega chocolate protein powder to the next batch. And this is how Peanut butter is the ultimate power food. Not only is it delicious, healthy, and packed with nutrients, it’s also a great way to calm down and focus on the task at hand–PACKING!

I won’t lie, i’m still not finished packing, but I’ve created a list of items that I NEED to take with me, a list of items i’d like to take in order of their importance, and i’m currently going through the list to see which fit comfortably into the suitcase and which items will have to remain home. Things like sunscreen, and even a hair mousse are things I can easily purchase at Walgreens once in Miami, where as my signature black stilettos make the “to pack” list. All in all, I will probably still be packing on Thursday but I have a pretty good handle on things, and my goal is to have everything but my daily essentials packed by tomorrow night.

I will check in once i’m back from Miami with an update for how the trip went, if I left packing until the last minute, and of course if we pulled a scene or 3 from the movie “The Hangover” with the bride-to-be. I’m sure we won’t lose her, but I can’t promise there won’t be a little mischief being had.

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening, and weekend!


Striving for Perfection…

Good evening World!!

I am sure you were beginning to think I had abandoned you, but I promise I haven’t, i’ve just been a little lost. However, I slowly but diligently fought through the thicket of ‘mental block’ and am once again on a daisy filled, well lit path to inspiration. During the time I was away, I thought daily of my blog, my readers, and all the things I wanted to share. Then i’d sit down to write and either struggle to create anything ‘meaningful’ or else i’d write a fabulous post, then reread it, hate it, and scrap it. No matter what I wrote, it was never quite right not “perfect” enough to share and it was beginning to drive me mad so I decided a break was required. Turns out, the problem wasn’t in my writing, but rather my state of mind.

You see, I started to compare my thoughts, my writing, my photos to the thousands of other ones I saw daily and began to feel inadequate without even realizing it. Then it hit me, my hair doesn’t look like most girls I know, i’m not some popular socialite, I have problem areas on my body that I want to improve, and i’m fine with that, so why on earth was I so caught up in the fact that my blog wasn’t perfect? Exactly. I shouldn’t be.

I tell my sisters, my friends, my little cousins, anyone who ever asks for advice (and even those who don’t) that striving for perfection is simply setting yourself up for failure. You need to be the best YOU that you can be, but nothing more. And seriously tho, what’s perfection? I mean a ripe, plump, juicy super sweet peach is pretty close to perfection in my book but to someone who detests peaches (*gasp the horror), well they would be quite unhappy with that now wouldn’t they. I guess what i’m saying is we all get caught up in media’s portrayal of the perfect hair, the perfect mascara, thighs, abs, weight, height, etc and honestly it’s all just good old propaganda. ¬†Perfection is BEING ME, being happy with me, being the best me that I can be. I believe that should involve healthy foods, fitness, friendships, etc but I don’t have to look the same as all of my friends to be perfect, nor do I have to write like Margaret Atwood to post to my blog. So it’s time I start taking my own advice, devour some peaches, and get back to doing something that I actually quite enjoy–writing. Though for the record, i’m not say don’t strive to be the best. In fact, i’m saying quite the opposite. We should all ¬†have goals that we want to achieve, however, “perfection” doesn’t really exist so striving for that is futile, and going to leave you feeling disappointed every time.

My posts may not be PERFECT, but they’re mine. My camera isn’t amazing, and i’m not a photographer so the photos won’t be as good as some you see on other blogs. Sometimes my hair is a mess, my recipes fail, ¬†or the food is ugly, but my posts are spontaneous, written from the heart, and based around what I believe in. Perhaps that’s not as clever, funny, or intelligent as other blogs out there BUT AGAIN this is a little piece of me and I love it just the same!

Thank you for stopping! Have a wonderful night and keep an eye out for lots more posts coming your way!