Coconut Oil-The Quintessential Beauty Product. *Beauty Tuesdays*

Good Evening World.

Specifically for my Canadian readers, I hope everyone had a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving. For everyone else, I hope you are enjoying the autumn and hugged someone special today!


Tonight’s topic of discussion is one of my absolute favourite beauty go-to products–Coconut oil! This creamy, sweet smelling butter/oil has a million different uses and benefits. Any product that can go easily from cupboard, to stove top, to hair, to face, to belly, and provide an amazing service in all areas is a must have.

I’m sure you have heard of cooking and baking with coconut oil, but it’s more than a healthy alternative to sunflower oil. It tastes great, it’s packed with nutrients, and honestly it’s probably your hair’s new best friend. Besides being great for your body, both inside and out, it has many other advantages. For instance, coconut oil is readily available in most grocery and health stores, it’s relatively inexpensive, stores well, can be used in oil form (when heated) or at room temperature when it’s hard, and last but certainly not least smells amazing. If you’ve ever tried coconut oil for any reason, you know it’s a great product, however if cooking is the extent to which you use it, allow me to introduce to you a few other BEAUTY related ways this simple oil will amaze you.

Coconut Oil as a beauty product:

1.  The ultimate deep conditioning hair repair mask: I have naturally curly, tight coiled, dry hair and whenever I need a deep condition, I melt some coconut oil in a small saucepan and work it into my hair from root to tip, cover my hair with a bag or silk scarf, and sleep on it. In the morning my hair feels like a million dollars–well if a million dollars felt like soft, silky hair! It’s also great for every day use as it’s not especially oily, has a mild smell, and keeps frizzies at bay.

2. Eye make up remover. Simply moisten a cotton pad with warm water, put on a tiny bit of coconut oil, wipe your eyes with it and voila–the best makeup remover you’ve ever tried.

3. Moisturizing Body scrub. How many of us have paid way too much for the newest body scrub only to have it smell bad, not work, dry us out, etc. You can make an amazing body scrub with 2 simple ingredients coconut oil and sugar. Simple yet effective. Try it sometime.

4. Lip balm. Not going to lie, I licked my lips a lot because I love the taste of coconut. Oops. But it makes your lips feel so smooth and soft.

5. In your bathwater. Of course if you use coconut oil in the bath, you won’t be able to have any bubbles, but if you are in need of a relaxing and moisturizing soak after a long day try adding 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil to a warm bath. I find this to be especially helpful in the winter when my skin is really dry.

6. Stretch mark prevention. This isn’t something i’ve done myself, but my mom swears by coconut oil as the reason she has very few if any stretch marks. I’ve seen this on multiple blogs as well, so if I ever become pregnant i’ll be sure to slather myself more than usual with it. (if that’s even possible)

7. Softens cuticles and banishes dry skin. I paint my nails constantly and the skin around my cuticles is often dry. Of course there are nail products available, but coconut oil works just as well. I also find it’s great for ashy knees and elbows. Girl, don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean–you know you get it too.

8. Toothpaste. Okay, so before I continue I have to admit, I personally haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve seen it mentioned all over the internet so if anyone has every tried it, please let me know what it’s like. I saw this quick easy recipe over at family sponge and it involves only 4 basic household ingredients. Stevia, coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oil (I would probably use mint).

I’m sure there are many other uses for coconut oil that I haven’t even touched on, but these are some of the things I use it for daily. Sometimes it’s the simplest ingredients that make for the best beauty product. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on multiple products that do similar things (probably with a lot more ingredients and perhaps even chemicals) I have 1 product that does everything.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Beauty Tuesday, and cannot wait to hear from you!

Namaste beautiful people.


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