My 30 while 30 List!

Good Evening Everyone!

Although the title is vague, you may have already guessed, I recently turned 30! In the weeks leading up to this milestone birthday I created a bucket list of sorts; a compilation of things i’d like to accomplish before my 31st birthday. This year promises to be a great one, I can feel it. I’m going to be a better, stronger, happier me! And why? Because I said so!

Without further ado, here is my 30 things to do while 30 bucket list!

1. Perform a fully unassisted handstand. (No wall, just me, lifting myself straight into the air.)

2. Join a book club. 

3. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle.( I realize this doesn’t sound like a ridiculously difficult feat, but I assure you for me, it is. )

4. Volunteer. (This could be at a women’s shelter,  soup kitchen, animal shelter, etc. )

5. Complete 5 pull ups. 

6. Try a new recipe each month from different Countries around the world. 

7. Learn to play the guitar. (At the very least take lessons). 

8. Start a gratitude diary and write down something i’m thankful for each day. Each day has to be a different thing i’m thankful for.

9. Sponsor a child.

10. ABS! This challenge is time sensitive, I have to post a before and after on instagram/fb of my before and after BY December 31, 2013. *gulp*

11. Post at least 30 recipes on my blog.

12. Visit 3 new places. Can be cities, provinces, states, countries, etc.

13. Grow fresh herbs on my balcony.

14.Hold a 15 minute conversation in French. AND be comfortable the entire time. 

15. Complete a 30 day bikram yoga challenge. 

16. Plan a surprise for someone. 

17. Start a YouTube Channel and maintain for at least a year. *Scary*

18. Host a semi formal dinner party.

19. Take a class. (Art, photography, cooking, etc). 

20. Abstain from Alcohol. Drink no more than 12 times between now and next birthday (which works out to be once a month). 

21. Buy greeting cards and send out personal hand written notes to friends and family.

22. Learn the basics of American Sign language.

23. Help 10 people reach their fitness goals.

24. Learn to knit or crochet. (My grandmother taught me when I was a little girl, but I don’t even remember how to hold the needles anymore so I don’t think that counts). 😀

25. Learn to play chess.

26. Watch all Star Wars movies. 😀 (Insert Chewbacca noise here)

27. Take a trip with my mom (and possibly sisters). Nothing too elaborate, just some girls on a road trip. 😉

28. Do something that terrifies me. (The list is pretty extensive, but i’m leaning toward allowing a tarantula to walk on my arm). 

29. Read George R. R. Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” series. You know…Game of thrones. 

30. Learn how to say 2 separate phrases in 8 different languages. (Simple phrases–TBD). 

Each time I complete one of the 30 items I will write a blog post documenting my experience. I hope to do every one of these things before I turn 31.



6 thoughts on “My 30 while 30 List!

  1. This is an amazing list. I’m 31. Perhaps I should come up with one before I’m 32 next October .
    I’m an Instagram follower and just started reading your blog , love it !

    1. Hi Allison!
      Thank you so much for your comment! I love your pics on instagram! I think starting a bucket/goals list is an excellent idea. If you decide to do it, let me know. Perhaps we can get through our lists together! Have a great day beautiful!

      1. I only started looking into this after I made the comment, but I’m fond of Reddit’s forum organization, and r/bookclub looks pretty active.

        The FAQ explains that every month they vote on 2 books: 1 general choice, and 1 from Project Gutenburg. People pick one to read and comment on.

        Here’s a summary of the 2013 book lists from each category. And here are the January 2014 books.

      2. Follow-Up:
        I just ordered a card for the library in Wolfville, and I plan on reading Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie in January (“general” choice from r/bookclub)

        From all accounts, it starts slow but is worth the read.

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