Day 4: A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

Good Evening beautiful friends!

It has been a difficult few days. Not because I’ve been tired, it’s not work, heck, it’s not even due to the fact that i’ve had no free time. No world, the reason this week has been so trying is because I did legs on Tuesday and the thought of walking, sitting, even going to the bathroom causes me to fight back tears. My usual quick pace has been cut in half, I swear under my breath each time my mini overactive bladder forces me to go to the washroom (which is MANY times per hour if i’m drinking water regularly), and stairs–well they can just go to hell. Let’s not forget tonight was bootcamp, but i’ll get to that in a moment.

If you’ve ever seen my hair after it hasn’t been washed for 5 days you know it’s a tangled mess that requires a lot of arm strength. I am currently on day 8, so my hair DESPERATELY needs to be washed. Before you say “eww” to the length of time, I have coarse, curly hair, the break does it good. Since I have so much hair, and it’s a lengthy process to get done, I scheduled doing my hair during the only “down” time I had today. I got home at 4, then had until 6 to eat/wash my hair/pack my bags for tomorrow, etc. I am happy to report I got my hair washed, diffused it before the gym, and even packed my lunch! Yay me!

Okay so, back to bootcamp. It was actually not as bad as I had expected in regards to my legs–that is, until the end. The final round is what the trainer likes to call “Team fun time” and I assure you, fun is the last thing that is happening. Tonight the plan was person A (me) did 20 JUMP SQUATS while person B (the other girl) did kettlebell swings. After 20 jump squats you swap, so then I did the swings while she did the squats. This went on for 3 rounds…by the end I wanted to fake passing out murder the trainer but somehow I survived.

If you check the time this post goes up, you’ll see it’s VERY late. I am exhausted, hungry, and I smell. I was supposed to be home by 9 but as you can see that did not happen.

A smooth sea

After my bootcamp session, I met someone for an hour. I kept an eye on the time, and left in PLENTY of time to catch my bus home. It only comes once an hour so missing it is NOT an option. I was at the stop with 8 minutes to spare and the bus didn’t show. *insert sobbing*

I was so tired that I wanted to cry. I considered taking a taxi home, but instead decided to tough it out, grab a tea, read a book since the bus stop is right outside Chapters, and wait for the next one. I also made up my mind not to be angry, or frustrated, or bitter because none of these emotions would make the next bus come any quicker. As I sat on the floor in chapters holding my mint tea, I felt a sort of ‘calm’ wash over me. However, this also could have been nausea as I hadn’t eaten in some time. I kid, I kid. Typically in a situation like that, I would have just been angry. It was refreshing to know that I really am in control of how I choose to feel. Instead of the usual response, I went with zen. There may be something to this challenge after all…

Good night all. Please try to direct your energy in a positive way. When we cannot change the situation, making the best of it really is the best way to approach it. I proved to myself that I can be hungry, tired, disappointed without being angry.



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