Day 6: Let me pull up real quick…

Hello beautiful friends!

I just want to quickly mention that this little guy has better form than me, and he’s using rings. One day panda, one day.


Big news!! Today I tackled a huge PERSONAL challenge of mine. I did 1, then 2, then kind of almost–but not really 3 unassisted pull ups. I’ve been able to do chin ups for a while now. So to compensate for my lack of pull up ability, I did 3 sets of 4 chin ups. (Hey! That’s still a big deal for me!) I’d like to mention, when I created that 30 while 30 post, I actually MEANT chin ups. So in a way, I’ve reached my goal, but finally being able to do a chin up motivated me to then move towards the pull ups. It took me a long time to trust that I could pull myself up. I know a lot of people can do them no problem, but it’s been really difficult. I’ve practiced often. At first, I couldn’t even budge my weight, so I used the assisted pull up/dip machine until today! I’m REALLY proud of myself! I can cross that off now! Yay!


Ladies, and i’m sure even most gentlemen, whether you care to admit it or not have been where I am right now–The dreaded “I have nothing to wear” scenario. Although I have not been robbed, so there are actual pieces of clothing in my closet, but quite frankly I feel like they belong to some alien girl with strange taste.

I am having dinner/a night out with a friend tonight and obviously that means I have to dress up. Nikes and a sports bra aren’t going to cut it, and since this beauty sees me most days at work, drab office attire isn’t going to work either.

Okay Regena, you got this. Wear a dress.

Ugh. All of my dresses are too flowy, or too tight, or to long, or too short, or too something that i’m not looking for right now.

The same is true for my shorts, my skirts, my tops. The only thing i’ve managed to decide on are the shoes I want to wear.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Focus! This is getting dressed we’re talking about, not an actual crisis like the Ebola virus, so snap out of your hysteria and find something to wear.

I scanned the room waiting for a complete outfit to jump out at me, and to my amazement it does! Okay, not quite, but I noticed the flower print on a pair of high waist loose shorts that i’ve been dying to wear. These would look really cute with a flowy top, a boyfriend blazer, ANY shoes, and maybe a little bling. Perfect.

But wait. What’s this. ANOTHER outfit comes together as well. I remembered a cute blue dress with side cut outs that is really flattering, and goes great with the shoes I have to wear.

And just like that, I changed my focus and figured it out. Now I just have to get motivated to do my makeup, my nails, my hair, and get dressed.

Have a wonderful night everyone. Be safe, be kind, and be happy.



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