Day 9: She believed she could, so she did…

I have come to the conclusion that my mom has spy camera’s hidden somewhere in my house. My guess is somewhere in the kitchen, but they could be anywhere.

Why the paranoid ramblings you ask?

Well, I assume she’s spying on me because she always calls me PRECISELY when I need her to. Without fail. When I ask her how she knows, she always replies “Regena, I’m your mother, I just know.”  Sounds like spy talk for hidden camera to me, but no matter, her call was welcomed.

My parents live in Nova Scotia and because of my busy schedule I always call them. We talk a few times a week most weeks, and they rarely call me because they know i’ll call them. However, once in a while I will be completely overwhelmed, at my wit’s end, near tears and BOOM mom calls and makes it all better. Who needs a self help book when you have your own personal therapist willing to tell you the hard truths.

Somehow her words always put me at ease, even when she tells me things I don’t want to admit or hear. She is kind, she is blunt, and she knows me–well. Too well. We do not agree on all things, as a matter of fact there are many things we don’t even mention to the other as they’re hot topics and my mom is very opinionated but those never matter when I need her. Tonight she reminded me that I am a strong woman, capable of anything and self doubt is pointless and only eating up my energy. Instead of worrying about what I can’t control, I need to focus on the things I CAN, see the positives, make the changes, and flourish. Straight forward but true.

I have always regarded my mom to be the bravest strongest person I know. She has been through so much, yet always has so much to give. I have learned strength from her, what it means to be a loyal friend, and that you always stand up for what you believe in. Her words, this evening, were exactly what I needed to hear–the simple reminder that I can do ANYTHING I want.

I want to do big things. I was meant to do big things. I’ve changed focus, jumped tracks, and my train is now going full steam ahead for Success.  ALL ABOARD! *ChhhooooChoooo*


I love you mom.


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