Day 16: No need to whine about a little wine…

Good Evening beautiful friends,

Tonight I am thankful for my sisters. Whether they realize it or not, I think about my 2 younger sisters every single day. They live in Nova Scotia and I live in Ontario so we do not see each other often, but they are in my heart every minute of every day. We are only a few years apart, and we’ve had our good times AND plenty of bad, but I would do anything for those two girls.

For tonight’s post, I want to talk about #20 on my 30 things while 30 bucket list.

#20. Abstain from Alcohol. Drink no more than 12 times between now and next birthday (which works out to be once a month). 


As you’ve probably guess I won’t be able to cross this off the list. I have definitely drank more than 12 times so far this year. Have I been partying like crazy? Going out all the time? Getting drunk? No to all of those. In fact, I don’t drink much, but I do drink ‘regularly’– calm down i’ll get into it.

First of all, I think it’s important to note that when I created this list I was insanely focused on having an 6 pack and realized that the drinking was an issue. It wasn’t because I was a binge drinker or anything, just that I went out enough that it was a problem for my diet and for my progress. I still want abs, but my focus is more on being healthy, being strong, and gaining muscle now. I will not allow my abs, or a lack there of  define me. So at first, I avoided all alcohol–easy peasy. Then I’d go out for dinner with Andrew or a friend and obsess over if I should drink or not because if I did drink it would subtract from my 12 total, and I knew that I’d want a glass of wine for my anniversary, another for my husband’s birthday dinner, Christmas dinner, New years Eve, etc. I planned it all out, when I could and could not have a glass of something and honestly it began to weigh on me.

You could say that I do not need alcohol to have fun, you are correct. I do not. However, I enjoy a glass of red wine on a Friday night while unwinding with Andrew and discussing my week. It’s nice, I look forward to it, it’s not in excess so then why should I be feeling guilty about it? I realized in trying to ‘better’ myself I had inadvertently created a problem–an OBSESSION.

I do not have a drinking problem. Although I do not NEED alcohol, I enjoy a glass of wine periodically with friends and with Andrew. There is nothing wrong with this, and so the limit I had imposed on myself was forgotten. However, I typically only have wine, all other forms of alcohol which I used to drink such as vodka are a VERY rare occurrence.  Some people abstain from all alcohol completely, others only have it once or twice per year because they prefer to, and that is great, but for me balance is key. So if that means I enjoy a glass or 2 of wine a few times per month with my husband and friends, so be it.

Moral of the story girls and guys, BALANCE.



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