I am fairly certain most of you get the reference, but if not, spell out the word in the reverse order–what do you get? MURDER! It’s from one of my favourite Horror movies The Shining. 


In case you haven’t noticed, today’s post is going to be a little different than usual, but it’s the second half of the month of October which means HALLOWE’EN is just around the corner and that means zombies, ghouls, goblins, and scary movies! I’m not typically a scary movie fan, and don’t’ go out of my way to watch them throughout the year–as a matter of fact whenever I do watch them I’m terrified (and only ever watch with 1 eye uncovered)


but it’s part of the fun, so year after year I choose 6 or 7 movies and power through.

I must say, with each year that I do this, I find that I prefer the older horror films more than most of the recent ones. I love all that technology has to offer, my phone, tablet, 3D movies, etc but I find the new movies often rely so heavily on tech and gore that the story itself is terrible. I prefer a psychological thriller. Have you seen The Shining? When his head pops through the door, no gore necessary–I nearly wet my pants anyway.

Some of my absolute favourite older films are:

The Shining

-A Nightmare on Elm Street (I still don’t sleep with my feet untucked haha)

-Pet Sematary

-Rosemary’s Baby

-The Omen (1976 version)

-The Exorcist

-Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1973)

-Psycho (1960)

However, since i’ve seen all of those already, I decided to change it up and watch some newer ones this year. I didn’t want to watch just anything, so I went searching for suggestions and found someone’s list of the top 13 Horror movies of 2013, but since I can’t watch all 13, I have chosen the following 7.


-Among Friends

-Would You Rather

-American Mary

-The Conjuring

-All the Boys love Mandy Lane  *edit* Decided to watch Mama instead because I watched the trailer for this and it is FAR too much gore for me.

-Maniac *edit* Same thing, way too gore focused for me. So going to watch Drag me to Hell instead.

I am currently watching Would you Rather and it’s all kinds of messed up. Not in a traditionally scary kind of way, but well…let’s just say if you had to play the game “Would you Rather” but with a demented person giving the WORST possible choices ever then you get the idea of what i’m sitting through.


Are you a scary movie fan? I feel it’s one of those things you either really love, or really hate–though I suppose many of us fit in that weird middle ground of terrified but can’t help ourselves.

If you do enjoy a good scare, what’s your type? Are you more of a ghost, haunting, supernatural movie lover with movies such as Insidious/Poltergeist/The Conjuring or do you prefer slasher movies like Hallowe’en/The Hills have Eyes/Wrong turn/Saw and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

I enjoy happy stories, uplifting feel good books and movies, and fill my days with as much positivity as I can manage but just because I like to smile and spread happiness doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy to be frightened once in a while too. We all have our guilty pleasures.

That being said, I look forward to bringing you a happier, more peaceful post tomorrow.

Have a wonderful rest of the day.





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