Day 60: Life is a balance of holding on and letting go…

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”
Mahatma Gandhi

I have finally reached the end of my 60 day journey and I feel incredible. Some aspects of my daily life has remained the same, but many of them have changed. It has been an interesting experiment  and I am truly glad that I decided to do it especially since it forced me to take a few moments every day and really think about the things in my life that i’m thankful for. Starting each day with a plan to be happy, at peace, and calm has honestly changed the way I do things. If you recall from my earliest posts I was looking to restore a means of balance to my often chaotic life, and it was as simple as changing the way I look at things. Let me explain.

In the beginning I was heavily fixated on working my way through my bucketlist, but upon careful consideration and a pep talk from a friend realized balance could NOT be achieved if I spent the entire 2 months stressed out to finish the list especially if it included half doing them just so I could say they were completed. Instead, I’ll keep the list nearby, review it periodically and work towards completing the task at a pace that works for me and my busy schedule. If that means 1 month I complete 3 and another months I do not complete any, so be it.

I know it sounds corny, but I feel i’ve grown as a person the last little while and have made some discoveries about myself. It has been nice carving out a mental headspace that I don’t mind being in.

Oh don’t worry, i’m not a crazy person and I don’t sit around running inside of my head all day…

Nor was I a COMPLETE ball of stress before this whole ordeal however, creating balance not merely HOPING to find it has helped me see there are often much more efficient and relaxed approaches to things, i’d like to enjoy this ride known as life. Several weeks ago, I came across a quote that said

“Balance is not something you find, Balance is something you create”


Why am I waiting around for balance to stumble up to my door and introduce itself? I need to stop hoping things fall into place, I need to Create the place and usher them in. And so I did. Plain and simple, I let go of my incessant need to do everything according to plan all the time.

One of the biggest issues I’ve been struggling with is always being tired because I never give myself any ‘down’ time. I have my regular full time job as well as my second job as a healthy lifestyle and wellness coach. During the week I focus more on the office job, with evenings being coaching and on the weekends its chores, cleaning, food prep, and coaching–oh and lots of gym. Turns out my little body can’t handle the constant go go go.

All I did was sit down and think about the things I could change.Without going into detail, I essentially changed up a few things and suddenly I can sleep on Sundays.

Who knew I didn’t HAVE to meal prep on Sundays, or grocery shop, or go to the gym, etc. Most of the things that have been taking up my time aren’t even that important OR can easily be done another time or a different way. I am looking to get things done each day as simply as possible without causing giant ripples. That’s not to say that some days my life isn’t super busy; all over the place, and I’m struggling to juggle it all, because I will likely always have days like that. The difference moving forward will be my approach and thought process. It is just as acceptable to take a 40 minute nap on a Saturday if my body needs it, as it is to work for 10 hours. I’m not about to become a slacker, I truly enjoy getting things done, but on those days things aren’t getting done for whatever reason I will accept it as such, let go of the frustration, take a deep breath, and smile through it.

So friends, I appreciate you following me on this journey. I have even more things to share, but for now it’s time to get some much needed beauty rest. Tomorrow, as you know, is Halloween and then Saturday is my birthday. I am hoping to get out a blog post on Saturday, but we shall see.

Have a wonderful evening and beautiful weekend.


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