12 days out!

Hi Guys!

The title says it all–I am 12 days out from my very first competition. Holy smokes how did that happen?

As you can imagine i’m flooded with emotions right now and can hardly contain my excitement. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns tho, some days are a struggle and I just want to eat a pizza, throw in the towel, say screw it and hide. I don’t, of course because I am a stubborn little fighter and besides, I purchased the sexiest little bikini to rock on stage and worked my ass off (or on depending on how you look at it) so i’m not about to quit now. I had a mild freak out a few days ago when I was doing pull ups and hurt my shoulder, but it seems to have just been a mild strain and is back to business as usual…phew!

So here are a few random thoughts i’ve decided to share with you guys today:

-Prep brain is a real thing. For those of you who have competed before, you know what i’m talking about. Forgetting what you’re doing, spacing out, the inability to spell simple words LIKE INABILITY…Jesus take the wheel. Hell, for all I know half the words in this post are spelled incorrectly. haha.

-Sleep is your best friend, yet avoids you like a frenemy. I feel alert, refreshed, and ready to take on the day when I am well rested and i’m EXHAUSTED by the time I finish my second workout yet I have been struggling more and more to fall asleep. Seriously, what is up with that? I am feeling more calm this week, so hopefully that helps.

-If you are a bikini competitor, you have on more than one occasion considered buying depends. I drink a lot of water, and I ALWAYS need to pee. I cannot make it through a meeting, a workout, hell barely a bus ride without needing to tinkle.

-Some days even the simplest ‘keep up the good work’ from a stranger, a friend, an instagram follower is exactly the pick-me-up you need to push through a workout.

-There are good days, mediocre days, and straight up shitty days but each of them plays a part in developing your character and shaping you into a competitor. When I have a bad day, I write it down and periodically read through my journal. I also record the good days and no matter how meh I feel, my good days are always 100 times better. I appreciate feeling strong after i’ve had a crappy day.

-I cannot wait to have pizza! I am going to devour an entire vegan pizza and not feel the least bit guilty. Not only will I not feel guilty, i’ll probably feel progressively better with each bite.

Basically how the night after my competition is going to go down…

-And finally, this journey is all in what you make of it. I am not going to lie there have been some bad days, some tired days, some days where I wanted to skip the gym and swim through a tub of ice cream but i’m strong. On bad days I focus on good things in my life, I push myself to be happy and if I can’t motivate myself the #1 go to are friends who know the right time to tell you to buck the F**K up and go workout, and when to tell you to go to bed before you get sick. However, I will admit there have been far more happy days than bad. I prefer to stay positive and do this as happy and healthy as possible. And now with only 12 days to go, i’m sure i’ll be hungry periodically and tired but I CAN and WILL do this.

I tried to upload a short video for you, but apparently I cannot figure that out right now so I will TRY harder tomorrow. My video simply mentioned that my workouts today were 6am spin class followed by Shoulders–My favourite! Then Pm cardio with a little posing.

Tomorrow’s post will be about the beautifying process. Yay! Actually i’m pretty scatterbrained, so it could be about a sock I found under the bed, who knows really.

Until tomorrow friends.

Oh! Add me on instagram (@regarae) for a steady stream of pics.

Good night!


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