11 Days out!


I still can’t believe I have just over a week of workouts left and step onto stage in just over 10 days. As I mentioned yesterday, some days are harder than others–today is an ON day. I was tired during my morning cardio, but pushed myself to finish and the rest of the day has gone swimmingly. I even spent time on myself tonight washed my hair and repainted my finger and toenails. Doesn’t sound like much, but usually the thought of tackling the mane is the last thing on my mind…


There are so many different mantras to live one’s life by, but this is mine. I am not sure what people did before rap, because they certainly didn’t lift.

I was going to talk about beauty tonight and I guess I mentioned that I combed my hair for the first time in several days. My usual beautifying routine has been cut in half, wait…way less than that 8ths is more like it. I will be glammed up on stage, but for now i’d call my look gym rat chic. Working out twice a day + work, travel, food, and sleep doesn’t leave much time for nail painting, hair diffusing, and eyebrow tweezing. My outfits are typically thrown together last minute depending on if I think i’ll sweat all over them or not–which I usually will. My hair is in a permanent bun, my nails are sometimes almost always chipped, and I traded in my purse for a backpack but guess what? I’m totally okay with it. It’s all part of the journey.

Oh, since we’re talking about ‘the journey’, I should mention, there are other SUPER glamorous parts of prep…or just being a girl really, and that is the process of growing out leg and bikini hair for a wax. It’s summer time, but i’m over here looking like Chewbacca!

Soon however, my body will be smooth and tan, I will have my nails done, my hair done, makeup will be on point, and my body will be showing off all of my hard work, so until next Saturday I will enjoy my sweats and mildly smelly sports bras.


Today’s workout for those who are curious was Legs + am cardio PLUS hiit in the pm + 10 seconds worth of abs, followed by posing. I am working on getting those obliques to pop. I practiced my theme wear routine this morning with part of my costume on, it was really fun. I am really looking forward to strutting my stuff on stage. I have never been particularly shy, but something about putting on a costume makes me feel sexy and fierce–more so than the bikini. Perhaps because i’m in character… hmmm….

Anyway it’s 10pm and that is past my bedtime.



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