6 and 5 Days out!

Good evening donut lovers (you might as well get used to this title, as it’s what i’m calling you until I get a donut on Saturday night)!

My apologies for not checking in yesterday but I was really late finishing up all of my meal prep and chores yesterday and instead of staying up an extra 45 minutes to blog, I decided the responsible thing to do would be to go to bed. I was exhausted.
Yesterday looked like this:
7am wake up (coffee and relax)
9am GYM!! Pose. Train. Cardio.
12:30pm Food. Uh oh…i’m soo sleepy. Let me just lie on the sofa for 2 minutes before I start my meal prep Zzzzz…..
3:15pm Shit. I fell asleep…
4:30pm Back to the gym
6:30pm Meal prep for realzies….ugh why is this taking so long
10pm Bedtime
As you can see, blogging was just not going to happen.

So let’s talk beauty shall we?
Stepping on stage and bringing your best package involves more than just training and dieting for 8-16 weeks. It would be a shame to work so incredibly hard, only to have it go overlooked on stage because you don’t take the time to go a few extra steps to jazz up your already fantastic package. What am I talking about? I’m referring to hair, make up, your suit, jewelry, the tan, just everything extra that adds to your overall appearance but does not overpower you.

My tan is booked for early Friday afternoon. Let me stop you right there, yes, I realize i’m black…I still need a tan as the harsh stage lights will wash you out regardless. I cannot stress how important it is to prep your skin for a tan–i’ve never had one, but I know that dead skin will make it uneven and gross so i’ve started exfoliating with a sugar scrub.

My make up is booked for SUPER early Saturday morning with Taryn Miller (@tarynmakeup on IG) and she will make me look insane. Check out her work to see what i’m talking about. To prep my face i’ve been using extra moisturizing eye cream, exfoliating, paying extra attention to my black heads (ughhh) and Friday i’ll make sure my brows are freshly tweezed. What can I say, looking pretty takes work.

I pick up my bikini and theme wear tomorrow from the wonderful Joan at DayDreamsFitnessWear you cannot understand how excited I am to share photos in my suit. It fits like a glove and although it’s teeny tiny, I have worked hard to feel confident in it.


So what’s left?

-Manicure/Pedicure: I will be doing my own. I do not want acrylics but want to bring some drama to my look so i’ll use glue on nails, but I can remove them myself very easily within a few days. I’ll be sure to take extra nails and glue with me to the venue/hotel just in case they decide to be stupid and pop off.

-Jewelry: I picked up earrings, bracelets, borrowed a ring from a friend, and I feel like a real princess when I wear them all together. Loads of bling, yet isn’t overpowering to my tiny little wrists.

-Shoes: My clear heels have become my bestie. I will take band-aids with me just in case I get any blisters but I wear them every single day so i’m pretty comfortable with them.

These things may seem silly or trivial, but just like a chocolate cake is appealing and delicious without frosting, think about how much better it looks well displayed on a cute plate with frosting, and when you start adding sprinkles you’re just making it impossible to resist. See what I did there? Used yet another dessert in my post haha.

Off to bed. It’s a long day ahead and my 2nd last training day so I want to give my all.

Good night all.


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