1 Day Out!


Caps Lock pretty much sums up my life right now. I’m excited, nervous, and probably yelling a little.

My day has been a little hectic which is why i’m so glad I have most things figured out for tomorrow already because to be quite frank, I am running around unorganized today finalizing things and I don’t like that. If you know me at all, you know that chaos upsets me to my core. I don’t need everything planned down to the letter but I do require some sense of order and feeling unprepared just makes me more nervous. You’d think I would be more organized but I was so tired the past few days that I just kind of let things go.

I’ve packed my suitcase but have a few last minute items to add. My hair is air drying–I’ll diffuse it soon but it’s raining so I want to handle it as little as possible as the humidty will frizz it up and i’d like it to remain in tact until tomorrow when I tease the hell out of it.

I am staying at the hotel across from the venue tonight with 3 other ladies who will be competing tomorrow. So eventually I need to haul my sweet ass, my food, my weights, costumes, and other goodies over there. It wouldn’t be so bad really if it wasn’t pouring rain today and RULE #1 of spray tans = don’t get that shizz wet.

I wrote the first part of this post a few hours ago so i’m now back at home with my spray tan on and getting ready to head up to the hotel. I have my mani and pedi finished, my hair is still untouched but I think i’ll just leave it do it’s thing today to maintain the most curls as possible. I am going to have to go back to see Cherry tomorrow because I splashed nail polish remover on my wrist ALREADY and effed up my tan. Haha. Typical.

Anyway folks, I am heading over to the hotel to watch the bikini and bikini elite shows tonight so i’m excited for that. As well, I have been selected as one of the award nominees for tonight’s Inspire award contest. I think they will read all 10 stories and then give awards to the top 3, exciting stuff. Either way, I have gotten my vegan fitness story out there and i’m proud of the hard work i’ve put into my physical and mental transformation.

Oh, and on the tan…I have to be honest with you..i’m digging it. Now time for homemade fries and then relaxation.

Please add me on Instagram @regarae if you want to stay up to date with how tomorrow goes. I will be uploading photos and videos of my day.

Well world, it’s time to go! In just 1 sleep I will be gracing my very first stage. Leggo!!


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