Day 1: Cookies heal everything…

Ho Ho Ho!

There is something so amazing about December 1st. Not entirely sure what makes today so magical, but I do not feel in the Christmas spirit at all during November. It may be my birthday month, and host to Black Friday and Cyber Monday but ya’ll playing with those holiday decorations. However, as soon as December rolls around I am in full blown Christmas mode.


Confession time. It’s 9:30 and I just woke up. I know, I know. not a nocturnal squirrel, but hey I have a cold and this is how i’m coping. I got home this afternoon from work and collapsed in a ball of shivers on my bed and basically slept all evening. The only reason I even managed to get out of bed now, is because i’m hungry. I can feel my gains slipping through my fingers so i’m eating, quickly editing a video and back to bed within 45 minutes.

This is all fine and good Regena, but where do the cookies fit into all of this? How do they heal? Are they magic cookies? Are they special cookies akin to those varieties of brownies you may find yourself snacking on in Amsterdam? 

Whoa! Calm down. No, these are not special cookies. The honest truth is that ALL cookies (unless they contain raisins or other pieces of fruit) have the ability to make a sick girl feel better.  I do not have stomach flu, I do not have pneumonia, and to be honest i’m only feverish with a helluva bad headache and sore throat so basically anything delicious would make me feel better. I wont’ lie tho, cookies pretty much make my day.

However, rather than gobbling down half a box of cookies, I am sipping on a glass of Perrier laced with Emer-C vitamin C powder pretending it’s a ‘Sex on the Beach’. It’s not quite perfect, but it’s not too shabby either.

Well I just ate 700 calories worth of food in about 3 minutes, my tummy is full and I am once again a happy girl. I think it’s time I head back to bed. Tomorrow will be better, I can feel it. Actually if i’m being 100% honest with you, all I feel right now is the weird scratchy tag in my sleep shirt so that’s a little distracting but i’m sure tomorrow will be great despite that.

Have a fantastic rest of the day and an even better tomorrow.




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