Day 2: Time to decorate…

Hi everyone. *sniff sniff, sneeze, cough*

The cold got me. Between the sore throat, and pounding headache i’ve been hit pretty hard and just want my mommy. I spent 95% of my day in bed. Well, technically I’ve been napping on the sofa, but get the point. I managed to make myself a bowl of oatmeal and record a video for my channel but that’s about it.

My computer is being moody today, so uploading my video may or may not happen. I forgot when I decided to vlog that my computer has more mood swings than a carb depleted bikini competitor. Hopefully if I speak in a low, soothing tone it will come around and do it’s job.

On an unrelated note, a few of the ladies I work with decorated their cubicles weeks ago, and stopped by mine recently and were surprised and mildly appalled at the fact that other than papers strewn about it is void of all things red and green. I feel like since it’s 2 days into December I can’t distract them with witty banter any longer. Sooner or later, they’ll expect some bells and ribbons. I do have a pair of reindeer antlers with the most annoying bells attached, perhaps i’ll wear those.

This could also work…


Which reminds me that the past few years I haven’t decorated my house for the holidays either. Not because I haven’t been into it, but I have been spending 2 weeks at Christmas at home in Nova Scotia and have been enjoying the decor there instead. I was thinking that i’d like a mini tree tho, so maybe i’ll get hubby to bring me one… or even a Christmas centerpiece would be nice. Hmmm….

For now i’ll be content with the knowledge that I have hot chocolate mix in the cupboard. That is about as Christmasy as it’s going to get today. Maybe after another epic 14 hour sleep i’ll feel like decorating.

Sleep well my loves!


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