Day 4: Blame it on the Henny…

Good Evening everyone!

I am going to keep tonight’s post short and sweet–just like me. I finally stopped tempting fate and booked my flight to Nova Scotia this morning. Typically I book much earlier, but I’ve been following the trends for several years now and there are always sales this time of year. However, since I am into December and flying in exactly 2 weeks I figured it was time to purchase before prices starting increasing.

My parents are overjoyed of course. My father is especially excited, and started listing out 150 things we NEED to do in the 2 weeks my feet are on Nova Scotian soil. The plan involves watching all of the ‘Wrong Turn’ movies, eating apple crisp til our belly’s ache, and hopefully a snowball fight. Even if I wanted to stay in Ottawa this year, I’d be heading home because i’m not sure my dad could bear the thought. Let’s just say he doesn’t handle this ‘my baby living in a different province’ thing very well and still reminds me not to talk to strangers every time he talks to me. I have not lived at home for over 10 years, but he still thinks i’m 13 and to be honest it’s kind of cute.

I am currently editing my Youtube video, sipping a beautiful peppery glass of Syrah, and trying to convince myself that half a bag of chips is NOT a wise use of macros. Logic isn’t winning out on this argument and I think I may throw nutrition and logic to the wind and have chips for dinner…

Taking a cue from Jamie Foxx and T-Pain i’ll just blame it on the alcohol.

Good night all!



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