Day 5: Girl crushes

Good Evening Sunshines!

I had such a great day with the girls today. It’s been a minute since the squad and I were all together for a workout. As much as I joke about my RBF (resting bitch face for all those who don’t know) at the gym, i’ve met some amazing girls there. I am the girl who is training my ass off and dying between sets, but I am also that girl who is likely creeping you if you’re female and lift heavy– especially if you have a big ass or big delts.

I am not about to come girl crush all over you if you’re training, but once you start the steady state cardio or head into the locker room don’t be surprised if my creeper face is all up in your business. Actually, now that I think about it…I think I did interrupt Kait’s workout the very first time I approached her. I had been creeping her a while on instagram and one day just went for it. Our friendship has gone from simply exchanging smiles in the gym to her putting bikini bite on my ass for my last show. Not many people have been that close to my butt hole…Needless to say we’re close.

On top of an amazing workout, the girls and I also indulged in burgers and cupcakes. I made sweet love to a basket of sweet potato fries, and regret nothing.  Now i’m at home sipping a glass of Syrah, watching Hannibal, and editing my latest Youtube video.

I haven’t done anything particularly Christmasy so far this year, maybe i’ll convince the hubby to get a photo with Santa with me tomorrow…

Until next time!




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