Day 19: In Honour of a Great Man…

Grandpa has ears that truly listen
Arms that always hold
Love that’s never ending
And a heart that’s made of gold

 I come to you tonight with a heavy heart readers; my grandfather passed away this morning. Although I am continuing with my journey, I will likely not be able to post every day on my blog as I may not have internet access AND because I will be with my family. I have experienced many different emotions today, sadness, relief, guilt but knowing that he is no longer in pain gives me a sense of peace. I am sad he’s gone, but he lived a long full life and the moments we’ve shared together will keep him alive in my heart.


Grandpa was one of the sweetest men I’ve ever known. Loving, caring, and believed in putting family first. It is going to be a difficult week ahead, but I want to experience all of it. I want to honor the memory of my grandfather, his extraordinary life, be there to support my dad, and just say goodbye in my own way.

Grampa George, I love you. You will be missed.



Coconut Oil-The Quintessential Beauty Product. *Beauty Tuesdays*

Good Evening World.

Specifically for my Canadian readers, I hope everyone had a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving. For everyone else, I hope you are enjoying the autumn and hugged someone special today!


Tonight’s topic of discussion is one of my absolute favourite beauty go-to products–Coconut oil! This creamy, sweet smelling butter/oil has a million different uses and benefits. Any product that can go easily from cupboard, to stove top, to hair, to face, to belly, and provide an amazing service in all areas is a must have.

I’m sure you have heard of cooking and baking with coconut oil, but it’s more than a healthy alternative to sunflower oil. It tastes great, it’s packed with nutrients, and honestly it’s probably your hair’s new best friend. Besides being great for your body, both inside and out, it has many other advantages. For instance, coconut oil is readily available in most grocery and health stores, it’s relatively inexpensive, stores well, can be used in oil form (when heated) or at room temperature when it’s hard, and last but certainly not least smells amazing. If you’ve ever tried coconut oil for any reason, you know it’s a great product, however if cooking is the extent to which you use it, allow me to introduce to you a few other BEAUTY related ways this simple oil will amaze you.

Coconut Oil as a beauty product:

1.  The ultimate deep conditioning hair repair mask: I have naturally curly, tight coiled, dry hair and whenever I need a deep condition, I melt some coconut oil in a small saucepan and work it into my hair from root to tip, cover my hair with a bag or silk scarf, and sleep on it. In the morning my hair feels like a million dollars–well if a million dollars felt like soft, silky hair! It’s also great for every day use as it’s not especially oily, has a mild smell, and keeps frizzies at bay.

2. Eye make up remover. Simply moisten a cotton pad with warm water, put on a tiny bit of coconut oil, wipe your eyes with it and voila–the best makeup remover you’ve ever tried.

3. Moisturizing Body scrub. How many of us have paid way too much for the newest body scrub only to have it smell bad, not work, dry us out, etc. You can make an amazing body scrub with 2 simple ingredients coconut oil and sugar. Simple yet effective. Try it sometime.

4. Lip balm. Not going to lie, I licked my lips a lot because I love the taste of coconut. Oops. But it makes your lips feel so smooth and soft.

5. In your bathwater. Of course if you use coconut oil in the bath, you won’t be able to have any bubbles, but if you are in need of a relaxing and moisturizing soak after a long day try adding 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil to a warm bath. I find this to be especially helpful in the winter when my skin is really dry.

6. Stretch mark prevention. This isn’t something i’ve done myself, but my mom swears by coconut oil as the reason she has very few if any stretch marks. I’ve seen this on multiple blogs as well, so if I ever become pregnant i’ll be sure to slather myself more than usual with it. (if that’s even possible)

7. Softens cuticles and banishes dry skin. I paint my nails constantly and the skin around my cuticles is often dry. Of course there are nail products available, but coconut oil works just as well. I also find it’s great for ashy knees and elbows. Girl, don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean–you know you get it too.

8. Toothpaste. Okay, so before I continue I have to admit, I personally haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve seen it mentioned all over the internet so if anyone has every tried it, please let me know what it’s like. I saw this quick easy recipe over at family sponge and it involves only 4 basic household ingredients. Stevia, coconut oil, baking soda, and essential oil (I would probably use mint).

I’m sure there are many other uses for coconut oil that I haven’t even touched on, but these are some of the things I use it for daily. Sometimes it’s the simplest ingredients that make for the best beauty product. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on multiple products that do similar things (probably with a lot more ingredients and perhaps even chemicals) I have 1 product that does everything.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Beauty Tuesday, and cannot wait to hear from you!

Namaste beautiful people.

What happens in Miami, never happened(…until I blog about it)!!

Good evening everyone!

If you remember in my last post, I was headed to Miami–we didn’t lose the bride, came back with all of our limbs, and suffered only a few jellyfish bites so I’d say successful trip indeed! Jokes aside, it was a fantastic trip. I came back with an AH-Mazing tan, got to spend some quality time with some of my best girlfriends, AND swam in the ocean! *sigh* Is it time to go back yet?

If you read my last post, you’d remember that I have some pretty bad procrastination issues. I was better than usual this time, but I still didn’t paint my nails until the last possible minute, but instead of stressing over it, I decided to just paint them in Miami and get the extra 45 minutes of sleep. Turns out, I couldn’t sleep, so I should have just painted them, but anyway.

Our Hotel was gorgeous! We had an amazing suite, with lots of room, 2 bathrooms, lots of closet space, 2 balconies, and of course a fridge for my fruit…and champagne!



We were only in Miami for 3 1/2 days but it was definitely long enough. I loved the heat, even if it was humid at times, but I needed to sleep SO BADLY by the time I returned. 3 days of very little sleep, unlimited champagne, and go go go–there is a reason we only do these big trips once a year. That being said, it’s still a great time to spend together, to bond, let your hair down, and just relax after a full year of work and life stress.


Look at these beauties. Each brings her own unique personality and va-va-voom to the group, and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. Oh and yes, Blondie and I are wearing the same skirt. Apparently she called dibs on the outfit to travel in, but I didn’t realize it and wore mine too. Oopsies. Or maybe I did, and just felt like copying, you’ll never know. Muahhhahahah.

A few random things about Miami i’d like to mention:

1. In the 15 minutes it took us to walk to the nearest Walgreens i had gotten a sexy (NOT!!) tan on the part of my tummy between my crop top and skirt. It took me a full day of lying by the pool to get rid of it.

2. We went on a boat cruise and everyone jumped off the side of the boat. I’m a terrible swimmer, and not really the “jumping off the side of a boat” kind of girl BUTTTT I did it. I was scared to death, but I did it and i’m so proud of myself. I know, I know, 5 year olds can do that Regena. Well it was a big deal for me, because I have never done it and if it hadn’t been for the 6 girls in the water, I wouldn’t have.

3. I was only in the water for about 30 minutes after I jumped in. People started getting stung by jellyfish and I am NOT about that life. Ain’t nobody peeing on my leg thank you very much. After I got back on the boat, I looked over the side and there were TONS of the biggest jelly fish I’d ever seen lurking by the side of the boat waiting to sting unsuspecting swimmers.

4. Don’t leave on a search to find chocolate 10 minutes before you’re about to board, and then take 25 minutes. Or the airline will threaten to give away your seats and you’ll nearly give your friends a heart attack. Oops.

5. Planking is an amazing way to pass the time. Seriously, several of my friends and I decided we should “plank” around the hotel. It was pretty hilarious by the end we were just lying straight out on the floor too tired to stand up, but it made for some great photos!

Prior to Miami, I was a little worried about finding enough food, but I found a ton of smoothie and juice bars, and most places were more than happy to accommodate me and let me ‘build’ my own salad. 🙂



Oh and um. How fabulous is this Drag Queen.

DSC04515 I don’t remember her name, but she was amazing. Incredibly friendly, charasmatic, and had the best makeup i’ve seen in a long time! Holla girl!

Finally, although we all packed all of our stuff in carry on sized suitcases, there were still tons of different pairs of high heels floating around, tons of dress sharing and swapping happening, and of course the typical “I don’t know what to wear tonight” uttered at least 20 times an evening. Not going to lie, but we are an attractive group of girls. Does that sound vain? Yeah I guess it does, but we eat well, work hard, and shoot hunny, if I want to shake my booty a little when I walk because I feel cute tonight, then I think i’ve earned that right. Okay? Okay.  I kid I kid, but I assure you, my friends are all crazy stylish and the outfits never fail to impress.




I hope to get back to Miami with my husband sometime in the not too distant future, but I have a feeling the trip will be a little different than this bachelorette trip. 🙂  I hope you enjoyed this post, and honestly, there really isn’t a lot to write. We partied, we took cat naps, drank a ton of water ha! you thought I was going to say champagne again didn’t you? We sunbathed, did a little shopping, and just chilled. We tend to have random adventures when we’re all together, and this trip was no exception. One of my favourite random things that happened was blondie and I performing a synchronized swimming routine while singing My heart will go on! It’s a very long story, but the short version is that although I could not swim as a child I always wanted to be a synchronized swimmer so she decided to help make my dream a reality. It didn’t go well.  I didn’t want to get my hair wet in the pool that day but yeah, I got soaked. haha.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have a wonderful week everyone!


The 4 P’s of Packing…

Good Evening Everyone!

As promised i’m here with another blog post. Don’t be fooled by the title, this is not a tips and tricks post, but will serve as a cautionary tale, for things one should probably DEFINITELY not do to prepare for travelling to the US, or anywhere for that matter. I decided to write this post because I am travelling to Miami on Friday for a bachelorette with some of my girlfriends. I am super excited for this mini vacation, but of course have to overcome the dreaded packing obstacle first. If you are anything like me, you know what i’m talking about. So here are things one should NOT do if you’re serious about packing without panic. Tho, there is mention of chocolate and peanut butter later in the post, so I suppose there are at least 2 things you SHOULD do, if you want your taste buds to love you. ENJOY!

Okay so, the 4 P’s are Peanut Butter Cups, Protein Pudding, Procrastination, and Panic.


You would think I’d be starting with PB, but tonight’s tale begins with my favourite packing tool, procrastination. Honestly, I travel frequently enough that I know better than to leave my packing til the last minute, yet somehow I ALWAYS leave my suitcase empty until the last possible moment. At which time i’m forced to grab everything from the closet and bathroom cabinets (typically enough to last me for a month)and force them into my GIANT suitcase, sleep for 2.5 hours (all of my flights seem to be early am, and I leave packing until midnight), and of course wake up and swear to never do it again. Procrastination can include so many amazing things. I mean, there’s talking on the phone, cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, youtube is a popular choice, and of course good old absolutely anything but packing–well until crunch time that is. So this leads to #2. Panic.

2. Panic:

Typically panic doesn’t settle in until about 5 hours before I should be asleep, and I realize I have nothing packed, my hair is a tangled mess, and my fingernails are chipped and need to be painted. Okay so before you judge me and my finger nails, it’s important to mention that for some unexplained reason, i have this weird NEED to travel with freshly painted nails. I like to keep them perfect all of the time, but for some reason they’re always at their worst prior to travel and I like to leave them til bedtime to paint because obviously I need to stay up EVEN later, allowing them to dry.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not actually travelling til Friday and so technically Panic should not have even remotely begun to settle in yet as it’s only Tuesday and that leaves me with PLENTY more time to pretend to pack. However, this morning I discovered something that ruined my usual “throw everything in the suitcase and go” practice. When travelling to the US (at least with this airline) one is required to pay $25 to check luggage. SAY WHAT?!? $25 to AND from Miami? Yeah, I don’t think so. That $50 could go to a lot of snacks, and even a few bottles of champagne, but the airline company already got enough of my money so I won’t be checking my bag. That leaves the dreaded CARRY ON. Which means, I have to fit everything i’m planning to wear and use for 4 days in a teeny tiny suitcase! I got home from work today and pulled out my mini suitcase and went about “practice” packing. And HOLY MOTHER OF GUAVA!!! 3 pairs of stilettos, 3 clutches, 4 bikinis, make up, and toiletries filled the suitcase–I’m screwed.

This is when Protein pudding comes into play.

3. Protein Pudding. 


I am obsessed with this, and have 1 every single day. It’s super simple to make, and is essentially a protein shake that I make super thick and with chia and flax so that it “gels” , top it with banana and hemp seeds and then proceed to devour it like a little piggy. However, since i’m still moderately in “panic” mode, I decided I NEEDED chocolate and went to the kitchen to prepare my decadent, seemingly bad–but secretly healthy dessert! The entire time I made it, I drooled a little, did a shake dance while the blender was blending, poured it into the bowl, sliced up the bananas, arranged it all neatly on the cupboard, snapped a photo and then promptly spilled it all over the counter. Not going to lie, I almost cried. My DESSERT IS DRIPPING ON THE FLOOR!!! But I managed to keep it together, cleaned up the mess, and made a 2nd pudding which I devoured in a matter of seconds. Here’s a little secret, when I was a little girl, my favourite dessert was chocolate ice cream with bananas chopped up in it. Now that i’m older, and trying to acquire a set of abs I know this practice probably isn’t the wisest–that’s where protein pudding comes in. So creamy, thick, rich and reminiscent of the ice cream I used to have as a child, but packed with amazingness and not just sugar. I know, what does this have to do with packing? Well other than the fact that I have a sweet tooth and needed chocolate to help relax me, NOTHING, but it starts with P and I had it tonight. 😉

4. Peanut butter cups:


Again, does this have a lot to do with packing? Not really, but again, sometimes a girl just needs chocolate and peanut butter! I was saving a homemade healthy peanut butter cup in the fridge for the past few days and tonight with the weight of fitting all of my stuff in a carry on, followed by the trauma of spilling my protein pudding on the floor I finally caved and ate it. And boy oh boy, was it ever good. I will post the recipe for these babies soon. So delicious and clean! I could probably make them ever healthier if I add Vega chocolate protein powder to the next batch. And this is how Peanut butter is the ultimate power food. Not only is it delicious, healthy, and packed with nutrients, it’s also a great way to calm down and focus on the task at hand–PACKING!

I won’t lie, i’m still not finished packing, but I’ve created a list of items that I NEED to take with me, a list of items i’d like to take in order of their importance, and i’m currently going through the list to see which fit comfortably into the suitcase and which items will have to remain home. Things like sunscreen, and even a hair mousse are things I can easily purchase at Walgreens once in Miami, where as my signature black stilettos make the “to pack” list. All in all, I will probably still be packing on Thursday but I have a pretty good handle on things, and my goal is to have everything but my daily essentials packed by tomorrow night.

I will check in once i’m back from Miami with an update for how the trip went, if I left packing until the last minute, and of course if we pulled a scene or 3 from the movie “The Hangover” with the bride-to-be. I’m sure we won’t lose her, but I can’t promise there won’t be a little mischief being had.

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening, and weekend!

Striving for Perfection…

Good evening World!!

I am sure you were beginning to think I had abandoned you, but I promise I haven’t, i’ve just been a little lost. However, I slowly but diligently fought through the thicket of ‘mental block’ and am once again on a daisy filled, well lit path to inspiration. During the time I was away, I thought daily of my blog, my readers, and all the things I wanted to share. Then i’d sit down to write and either struggle to create anything ‘meaningful’ or else i’d write a fabulous post, then reread it, hate it, and scrap it. No matter what I wrote, it was never quite right not “perfect” enough to share and it was beginning to drive me mad so I decided a break was required. Turns out, the problem wasn’t in my writing, but rather my state of mind.

You see, I started to compare my thoughts, my writing, my photos to the thousands of other ones I saw daily and began to feel inadequate without even realizing it. Then it hit me, my hair doesn’t look like most girls I know, i’m not some popular socialite, I have problem areas on my body that I want to improve, and i’m fine with that, so why on earth was I so caught up in the fact that my blog wasn’t perfect? Exactly. I shouldn’t be.

I tell my sisters, my friends, my little cousins, anyone who ever asks for advice (and even those who don’t) that striving for perfection is simply setting yourself up for failure. You need to be the best YOU that you can be, but nothing more. And seriously tho, what’s perfection? I mean a ripe, plump, juicy super sweet peach is pretty close to perfection in my book but to someone who detests peaches (*gasp the horror), well they would be quite unhappy with that now wouldn’t they. I guess what i’m saying is we all get caught up in media’s portrayal of the perfect hair, the perfect mascara, thighs, abs, weight, height, etc and honestly it’s all just good old propaganda.  Perfection is BEING ME, being happy with me, being the best me that I can be. I believe that should involve healthy foods, fitness, friendships, etc but I don’t have to look the same as all of my friends to be perfect, nor do I have to write like Margaret Atwood to post to my blog. So it’s time I start taking my own advice, devour some peaches, and get back to doing something that I actually quite enjoy–writing. Though for the record, i’m not say don’t strive to be the best. In fact, i’m saying quite the opposite. We should all  have goals that we want to achieve, however, “perfection” doesn’t really exist so striving for that is futile, and going to leave you feeling disappointed every time.

My posts may not be PERFECT, but they’re mine. My camera isn’t amazing, and i’m not a photographer so the photos won’t be as good as some you see on other blogs. Sometimes my hair is a mess, my recipes fail,  or the food is ugly, but my posts are spontaneous, written from the heart, and based around what I believe in. Perhaps that’s not as clever, funny, or intelligent as other blogs out there BUT AGAIN this is a little piece of me and I love it just the same!

Thank you for stopping! Have a wonderful night and keep an eye out for lots more posts coming your way!

Things I’m Loving–June Edition!

It’s that time of the month again!! Nope, not THAT time…”THINGS I’VE BEEN LOVING” time! You know when I tell you all about the products, foods, clothes, etc that i’ve fallen in love with/couldn’t live without in June. I was really hoping to get this post up the last day of June, but that clearly didn’t happen. However, it’s only 6 days into July, so that’s not too bad right?? I mean it’s not quite a week yet…

Okay before I continue making excuses, here is my list of the things I couldn’t get enough of in June.


1. Strawberries. Fresh, local, sweet, and juicy. I have picked up so many baskets of strawberries in the past few weeks that the vendors question that i’m actually eating them all. What can I say, this girl loves strawberries, and there is no comparison to fresh IN SEASON berries! My only issue with them is that I always seem to drop them on myself when i’m wearing something light…GAH!



2. Hemp Seeds. These little guys contain all Amino acids, Omega 3 & 6, protein, and as a bonus, they’re easily digestible. I have been using hemp seeds for a while now, but this month I’ve been adding them to everything. Salads, smoothies, on top of banana slices smothered in nut butter… you name it, I have probably done it.



3. Macadamia Cashew butter. I may have to sign myself up for nut butter rehab, because this stuff is crazy addicting. I won’t admit to how many jars i’ve gone through so far, but it’s bordering on a problem. It’s so creamy, rich, slightly sweet, and the perfect addition to banana slices, on roasted sweet potatoes (I know you think i’m crazy, but trust me it’s amazing), or straight out of the jar…



heart earrings

4. Forever 21 Heart Stud Earrings. These cute little earrings cost me $3.80 but I love them! (Mine actually have white flowers and not green…). I have been wearing stud earrings almost every day during June, but these were definitely the ones I wore the most.



vega-sport-performance-protein-tub-chocolate5. Vega Sport Performance Protein in Chocolate. I have tried this protein powder in the past but couldn’t get past the taste. It wasn’t until I discovered protein pudding through Laura over at fit,green, and gorgeous –that I decided to give this product another try. I add 1 tbsp of raw cacao with my scoop of powder or else I find I can’t get past the super sweet stevia after taste, but it’s gotten to the point that I can now enjoy it simply mixed in my shaker bottle with vega, cacao, 1/2 water and 1/2 almond milk. I have been feeling great since regularly using this protein powder so when I run out, I will DEFINITELY repurchase.


Jean vest6. Jean Jacket! Okay well more of a Jean vest. Uh…Regena, this isn’t 1993, what are you doing with a Jean jacket? For real guys, don’t hate on this fashion trend. This staple piece in my wardrobe works with so many different looks. I wear it–open of course–over crop tops (another questionable piece haha) paired with a high waisted or maxi skirt, with maxi dresses, flowery flowy girly dresses, with my jean skirt hahah JUST KIDDING about that part I am not really a Jean on jean kind of girl.



Lush ring of roses soap

 7.  Lush soap Ring of Roses. This soap smells like well, fresh wild roses. Whenever I use the soap I am reminded of the rose bushes that used to grow behind my house as a kid. It brings back so many happy memories for me (even tho I was severely allergic to EVERYTHING as a child including those rose bushes) and so I love using it in a nice hot bath when I can lie back and really enjoy the scent. Bad news tho, it’s been discontinued. Really Lush, Really?!?  I purchased several before they discontinued it but I’m on my last piece…so I have to make it last.


Damien_Rice_O_album_cover 8. Damien Rice’s Album O. This isn’t really a song of the month, but the music is incredible and I couldn’t choose only 1 song to feature. This is definitely not workout motivation music, but if you remember from previous posts, I’m trying to relax more and these songs are really calming. I  fell in love with this album while living in Wales during my 3rd year of university, and just recently discovered it again. My newest relaxation habit has been to run a bubble bath, throw in some of the ring of roses soap, light a few candles,and sing along to this…pure bliss–unless you’re the person who has to listen to me singing. 😀


I hope you enjoyed this installment of ‘Things i’m Loving’.  If you’re some where  really hot (like Ottawa today) please remember to stay hydrated and use sunscreen!

Before I go, can I let you in on a little secret? Tomorrow’s back to back spin classes are going to be BRUTAL! As you know, I always do 2 classes on Sunday mornings, but I took more than a week off (due to class cancellations and vacation), I went last night and this morning and my booty is already sore–I have a feeling it’s going to be a very fidgety class.

On that bizarre note, Have a great weekend!!

Things I’m loving–May Edition!

Welcome to the first edition of “Things I’m loving right now”! These were all items I constantly found myself reaching for, or wishing for during the month. It’s a mix of food, beauty products, fitness items, and even a music video/song! Okay so let’s get started!!


1. Beanitos. I’m not a huge chip person–but I was walking through the organic store I buy most of my gluten free/vegan goodies and saw these BLACK BEAN CHIPS and was instantly intrigued. They are gluten free, vegan, non gmo, free of corn, msg, trans fat, high in fiber, and a source of protein–the list goes on, so I decided to give them a try. I bought the chipotle BBQ flavoured chips and they’re a perfect mix of sweet, smokey, and a little spicy. I love these, and guess what…hubby does too! Double bonus!

banana holder

2. Banana Holder. Okay so this isn’t actually food, but it holds one of my most favourite foods on the planet–BANANAS! I bought this cute little holder because I often throw bananas into my gym back and then end up with well, bruised and smashed fruit and that just isn’t appetizing. So now I can pop a banana into one of these holders and not have to worry if my banana is a)jammed in a sweaty sneaker or worse b)turning into pudding inside of the peel. 😀

 3. Body Beast. I am currently in my third week of this Beach Body program and I LOVE it. It’s geared toward men who want to “GET HUGE” but let’s get real here for a minute, anything a man can do I can do better. Okay so not quite, but unless it involves anatomy I don’t have, why should I NOT be able to try a program simply because it’s marketed toward men? So girls, before you dismiss this as something that is only going to work for men, I challenge you to give it a try. I think men wanting to gain significant muscle can benefit from this style of workout, but I also think girls–like myself–can  also get great results. This weight lifting program comes with a schedule and easy to follow workouts…note easy to follow, not easy. If you are finding them easy, you’re either not doing them right or not lifting heavy enough. Sagi is hilarious, explains everything so well, and is incredibly easy on the eyes (ie. GORGEOUS…shhh..), that’s triple motivation right there ladies…so pick up those weights and get squatting, lifting, and sweating yourself to a more muscular you!

tennis ball

4. Tennis Balls. Oddly enough, I have not been using these bright yellow balls in the sport for which they are intended. I have been using these tiny little demons to roll along my IT Band. They have been helping me immensely…did I mention they hurt like hell? I can’t always use a foam roller, and this is when they come in. Apparently they’re excellent for rolling on the bottom of the feet…I may try that.

pre workout energizer

5. Vega Pre-Workout Energizer. I don’t even know where to start with this amazing product. I have been lagging in my energy as of late and this has been heaven sent. I don’t use this every day, but on days when I plan to do an intense workout (especially in the morning’s prior to eating) I take it and the results are mind blowing. After only 15-20 minutes I feel alert, stronger, and ready to take on any exercise. Taste and texture, well…it’s rather gritty, and tastes like kool-aid but it gets the job done so who’s complaining?

curl boosting jelly

6. Curls Unleashed Curl boosting Jelly. I have been wearing my hair in twist outs lately (several product reviews to come soon), and this product has been working small miracles in helping my hair hold a style. I love big hair, but if I am going to go through the trouble of flat twisting my hair i’d like it to at least hold up to whatever the day has to throw at it. So far, i’ve used this jelly every time i’ve washed my hair for over a month…that’s a huge accomplishment because I yo-yo with products.

7. Bright Lipstick. I have been loving Purple and bright pink as of late. I enjoy playing up my eyes, but sometimes i’ll get in those moods where I only wear mascara and rock a bright lipstick every day. Allergy season has my eyes all watery, puffy, and red so I decided to play up my next favourite feature…my lips! What is your favourite colour? Are you a bright lipstick or a nude lipstick kind of girl?


8. Chipotle Hummus. Can you guess now which recipe is going to make it’s way to my blog this week? I seriously have eaten an insane amount of spicy hummus over the past 3 weeks. I love it with carrots, cucumber, peppers, and honestly…with a spoon. *swoon*

9. Kanye Workout Plan. Last, but not least…this song has been with me for almost every plank during the 30 day 5 minute plank challenge. It’s terrible…since fitness should be about making YOU happy and not about finding a rich husband, but come on now…it’s funny, and catchy. Don’t pretend like you’re not enjoying it right now…

Well that concludes this edition of things I’m currently loving. I hope you enjoyed them, and maybe even try out a few. It’s off to bed for me…I have a busy day ahead of me.

Take care everyone.

Sweet Dreams.