Good evening Friends.

As the warm rain of spring moves in and pushes out the cold frost of winter (unless Canadian winter has a surprise in store) I find myself eagerly awaiting the ‘newness’ of spring. The little lamb and bunny photos prettily decorated in pastels just in time for Easter, the first tulips leaping out of the earth as if to say “good morning, i’m here!”, and of course, the pitter patter of morning rain drops hitting the window–I’m ready for it all. There is something so uplifting and refreshing about spring time, it leaves me feeling revitalized and ready to bring about new and exciting changes of my own.

I have been missing in action for the past few days weeks months but I have been working on some pretty amazing things and cannot wait to share them with you. I suppose, we should begin with fitness. As far as exercise and fitness goes, I have been working out for some time now, always looking to get stronger, faster, and better. My passion, however, stretches much further than my own improvement and I have begun building my own fitness business. I want to help others feel beautiful, strong, worthy, and as happy as I am. I have yo-yoed from thin, to heavy, back to super thin, back to heavy repeatedly for years, have been unhappy, tried starving, working out for hours, and for what? Because I didn’t like the person that I was. The day I gave up the loathing, and decided to LOVE myself, to fuel my body with healthy foods, to workout because I ENJOYED it, I became a much different person. A happier person. A fulfilled person. I want others to feel this way as well, and slowly, I will.

Please check back soon to see the exciting things I have in store. I promise more recipes, fitness related posts, and even some exciting guest bloggers! Spring has left me awakened; big things are coming.

Have a wonderful evening my friends.


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