Orange & Lavender Coconut Oil Body Scrub

Happy December!

I just received a notification from wordpress that I have had this blog for an entire year! It’s my blogiversary today! Hurray! To each of my readers, thank you so very much for sticking by me this entire year,¬†for the encouragement, and sweet comments. Here’s to an even better 2014!


I was inspired to make this scrub during a conversation I had last week with one of my girlfriends. We were emailing regarding a DIY gift idea I had. My plan was to make cupcakes in a jar (or some other sugar laden treat) to give to some of our friends. If you haven’t heard of cupcakes in a jar, I suggest checking them out once you’re finished reading this post, but be warned, the mere sight of them are bad for a girl’s waistline. We went back and forth about whether it was a good idea, and I came to realize that as someone who promotes clean eating, I would be going against everything I stand for by giving the gift of processed and unnecessary sugar and fat. In that moment I looked down at my arm and what did I see? Dry skin….then *BLING-a-LING* A light went on. How about I STILL give the gift of sugar and fat, but in a good way. Hence the idea of mini mason jars filled with coconut oil sugar scrub was born.

IMG_20131214_104433 (1)

Orange and Lavender Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

1 1/2 cups organic turbinado sugar

1/2 cup sea salt

1/2 cup coconut oil (melted, but not super hot)

1/8 cup almond oil (could also use jojoba oil)

zest of 1 orange

juice of half an orange

12 drops lavender essential oil

18 drops orange essential oil

The rest is really quite simple. Combine the sugar and salt, add the zest and juice from the orange, the oil, and essential oils. Stir very well until combined and zest is mixed in thoroughly. Then try not to spend the rest of the day hovering over the bowl inhaling this amazingly relaxing scent. If you’re feeling particularly festive, don’t keep this all for yourself. Carefully spoon it into mini mason jars and give to your friends.

Have a wonderful week, dear friends! Don’t let the stress of the holidays get to you. Remember what is important to you, and let everything else go. Gifts are great, but I’d prefer the company of my friends and family to even the most fantastic gadget any day.