Day 3: Rod Stewart Christmas?

Hi guys.

I’m sure you’ve guessed based on the title that i’m listening to Christmas music tonight while I edit my Vlogmas video. I know, I know…Rod Stewart? Well it just so happens that it’s my jam. I firmly stand behind my music choice. Tho, I have been questioning my sanity as of late…ever since I discovered I may be a Belieber. JBiebs latest album has got me feeling some type of way, so it’s possible i’ve lost my damn mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I still rock out to Mariah Carey’s Christmas and i’m sure i’ll put on a little Kenny G when no one is around but for now Rod Stewart wins.

Last year while I was listening to Rod (Yes, this has been an ongoing thing…) my mom mocked me mercilessly.


So I just turned it up a little louder and sang along. She has got to know by now I do my own thing. 😉

Anyway, my video is live so go check it out. If there is anything you’d like me to discuss or show you in my videos please comment.

Have yourself a Merr…er uh…good night. Yes, have a good night. Rod almost had me saying shiz I didn’t quite mean. Crisis averted.



2 thoughts on “Day 3: Rod Stewart Christmas?

  1. It’s funny because I never really used to listen Rod Stewart’s music but one day bought my mom a ticket to see him in concert (birthday present) and also bought myself a ticket. Well, I have to say – his show was amazing! Such a fun time, great performance! Absolutely loved it. So enjoy the music! Always fun to venture into new territory 🙂

    1. It’s so true! There are so many incredible sounds and artists I listen to now because I kept an open mind and varied from my usual. Also, that’s super sweet, surprising your mom like that. 🙂

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