Welcome to Spin Bikes and Opaque Tights! My name is Regena and I am addicted to all things pink. Pink gym bag, pink lipstick, and pink fruit (especially raspberries). Speaking of fruit…I love fruit probably more than I should a lot.

I am a girlie girl, but I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. As a young girl growing up in rural Nova Scotia, some of my chores were outside, but I would always find a way to bring a little fashion to the table–even if it meant begging my mom for pink rain boots to match my gardening gloves and  watering can. Fast forward 20+ years and I am still finding ways to bring that ‘wow’ factor to my look with simple changes.

I was surrounded by fresh produce as a child. My grandparents had an amazing garden, and it’s thanks to this upbringing that I appreciate fresh locally grown produce. My skin is clearer, my mood is brighter, and overall I feel 10 times better when eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables. I love make up, but there isn’t a product out there that can give your skin that radiance you get from being happy, healthy, and properly fuelled from the inside out.

A few fun facts about me…


-I had ‘straight’ hair since before I can remember. April 2011 I decided it was time for a change and I cut off all of my chemically straightened hair to start life as a natural girl. I haven’t looked back.

-If I could eat chocolate cake every day for breakfast, I would. Unfortunately, I like the size of my waist and the sugar would really mess with my mental clarity. 😦

-I once hit my grandfather with a shovel when I realized the chickens he kept in the barn couldn’t be my friends forever. I can’t believe I didn’t become a vegan sooner.

-I workout 6 days a week. Sometimes my workouts are ‘I could be sick right now’ intense, and other times I focus on perfecting my form in a yoga sequence. I take the time to get in a least 20 minutes and surprisingly not because i’m vain, but rather for the way I feel immediately after.

-I have been happily married for 2.5 years to the most amazing man…

-I often wear heels when they’re really inconvenient. (Eg. To the park and then my heel sinks into the grass and I have to stop every 3 seconds to pull myself out, or tiptoe).

-I meditate every morning (even when i’m late) and every evening. Sometimes I only take a minute, but just having those few quiet moments where I focus on positive energy I am really able to centre myself. I suggest you try it, you might be surprised at how much better you feel.

I really hope you enjoy my blog. I am here to learn more about the things I find interesting, but I am also here to pass on what I know.  If you have any questions, please let me know and I will try my best to answer them.


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  1. Hi Regena! I love your blog and would love to post one of your recipes in my Daily Lean newsletter, if you would like! Please email me if you have any interest.

    Kathy Freston

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